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Religion as a Cult

RELIGION AND CULTISM” Religion can be defined as believe in God or a system of worship and faith , why Cult is a system of worship; devoted attachment to a person principle. Looking at this two phrase one cannot be able to really see the difference , as it has a the same definition , … Continue reading

Interference in Human

Do we ask God for wisdom or do we ask God for his approval when we want to make decisions? – The Jews were (Traders and rich) in the old days, this made them to become arrogant and overconfident, the result of such behaviors as arrogance or pigheaded means doing things without God’s approval. Man … Continue reading

Thanks God and Bear Fruit

We have a lot of reason to thank God , but we intend to forget to thank God in difficult times, and only thank him in Good time. The life we breathe today is worth thanking God. We have to look into our life in a whole perspective not just the negative and positive but … Continue reading