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Religion as a Cult


Religion can be defined as believe in God or a system of worship and faith , why Cult is a system of worship; devoted attachment to a person principle.

Looking at this two phrase one cannot be able to really see the difference , as it has a the same definition , but our individual attachment to this two phrase has has widen our scope of seeing the difference.

As a strong believer in God as the Omnipotent,Omniscient and Omnipresent, i can only narrow down my understanding as a follower of the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ, looking around me and seeing diversified types of believe in other religion , i can only question further what is religion and what is cult, as every individual believe in different religion or cult ,it gives each individual a different insight to others.

Christianity,Islam,Judaism,Buddhist ,Hindu,Orthodox, etc, are different Organization that has a different guiding principle on the way of worship, which automatically transcend down to our way of thinking and doing things. I believe every Human is created by one God , and if so , why then has we diversified our worship principle based on the written principle of the above different Holy Book, why then are we competing and fighting, which religion is the best or that will guide you to eternal life in the God’s Kingdom. are we been manipulated by given principles or interpretation by God’s representatives , who are also human, for my bible say , no man or woman living under the face of the earth can be termed righteous or without sin, if so why then do people get carried by same individual who to my view has a lot of hidden agenda in there mind, A priest who preaches about the fear of God and the importance of following the outlined principles in Bible will be found committing actions that are against what he preach. this are not like a new trend of the 21st Century, but has been in the Old , as the Isrealites where able to disobey God by making a Golden Calf , after God has liberated them from Enslavement in the Land of Egypt.

God been a forgiven God , always salvage our sin, by accepting to forgive and wash away all our iniquities of the past , if we humble ourself and confess our sin. do we Human possess such a spirit to forgive those who has wronged us even thou the are of the same religion or do we make our own principle by seeking our own way of pay back.

Every Religion has it’s own guiding principle, how far do we Human commit to such principle and put it into action, you see some Imams Using the word Jihad against the Westerners , by killing of innocent citizens just because the are from west and have different believe, Government is an elected representative of the people , when the elected push there selfish agenda , of oppressing the under developed country with their bourgeois program, in the process disrespecting the culture and religion of the people which causes a reaction of hatred , retaliation , and strong attack against it’s citizen, but as Human say; we have our guiding religion principle ,do our action justify our principle.

The Cultism in Religion is of the Hierarchy , who exploit the followers with their own ideology of how to worship,tolerate,react, as the have failed to be example of what the preach, Bin Laden inform his followers to fight Jihad against the West, why he is living in opulence and taking care of his family, he never send any of his sons and grand children to be a suicide Bomber, but with his financial power he was able to recruit the poor and exploit there emotional and financial frustration . A priest who is trusted by it’s followers , choose to exploit the emotional emptiness of the followers by sexually molesting the kids and Female as well. Judaism that use to be in enslavement and facing extermination on earth , is now the molester and enslaver of the Palestinians , Chinese who are predominantly Buddhist, are oppressing the Tibetans and clamping down on it’s citizens right of choice. Russia a predominantly Orthodox are hunting and imprisoning it’s citizen for having a different view to their communist policy, are committing genocide against the Chechnya people, Middle East the foundation of Islam the leaders are killing their citizens for wanting a better Life ,India a Dominantly Hindu are committing human right abuse against the Kashmir people , Indonesia a Moslem most populated in the world are oppressing the minority and attacking other religion; Iran who say the are decendance of Shia Islam, are empowering there defence with Nuclear Bomb development and there number one target is Isreal a Jewish [ Judaism Faith] the Tutrsi and Hutuis of a predominantly Catholic followers masscred themself with a remorse,The north Sudan Dominantly Arab Moslem are bombing the south a Dominantly Christian and Animalist, just for the sake of the want

there own freedom; every religion i have seen has a hidden agenda as interpreted by the Hierarchy that guide the Religion.

We can say that Religion is sanctioned by God that we all worship, but the practice and interpretation is sanctioned by Human.

Cult is a Humanly sanction organization that follow the ideology and principle of the founder, and it’s followers are Human who are been exploited because of one weakness in their life. and if i may say religion practice and Cult practice arrive at the same junction.


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Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.


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