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The Bad and Good news from a pastor to his congregation about the Church condition is (1) the good news been the have enough money to change the church roof but the bad news is that the money is in the congregation pocket.
Offering is related to worship Genesis 4:4,
Offering is given to those in high authority.
– It was a command.
– It was compulsory not optional to give offering and tithes.
– Offering is not. Donation. Psalm 50:9-15, God doesn’t need our donation but we need God’s Donation.
Offering is not a way of buying God for our sin.
The situation of the Church in Malachi time:
Tithes and offering was wasting money
The priest had no dignity and authority
The priest leave their ministry and looked for daily need.
The kept quite according to the Wickedness of Israel, otherwise the people didn’t give. Food or money that they need,
How do we give tithes. 5 reason:
1. Because. God’s word say so”
2.Because I don’t want to “rob” God- if we don’t want to give a 10% of our income to God, we are not robbing God we are robbing our self.(Malachi3:10)
3. Because I trust the Lord Mathew6:33.
4. Because I realize.” That there is more to after life.
Tithes is not only about knowledge, understanding, but also About faith.
Giving tithes. To God means showers of blessing from God. Do you believe?

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