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Spiritual Coincidense

What is spiritual coincidence.
How does it work.
Is it guided by the Holy Spirit
Or a normal human reaction.
Spiritual Coincidence can be defined as a spiritual catalyst that has a kinetic energy to transform one’s feeling at that time and moment, coinciding with the subject of the moment, whose action can reconnect immediately to the person, I have has experience of timing the action of my partners and relations , without a deep thinking but a reflection of thought , I have come to concluding that we can predict what our next of kin or friend is doing at that moment if we have the subject in mind.
The actions. Come in different part, especially when your not even conscious of your action, I believe in the spirit of deep reflection of individual around you to know there spiritual taught, this actions are not always going to pin point the subject action, but will come 80% nearer to your taught at that present moment, this is more about reading the heart of your partner, based on the information you have received from your partner, but the action here is determined by the timing of your esquires.
We human has been bestowed with a spiritual power , that guide our taught based on our daily routine, this Power arouses our Ego and help us to build a strong confident feel good that drive our conscience..
Remember that there are different type of spirits , the spirit of the Living God in Christ Jesus is the one and only tested spirit that can counter countenance in all life challenge. let the spirit of God to guide your daily taught and reflection of your day, you will see a lot of impossibility that has become possible , life becomes more easier when we have a lead to all our problems,and can follow the lead with little hesitation.
For a Human without a Spirit is and Empty Vessel without a life, is a deep dark narrow dig, what feels the vacuum or dig is the spirit of the Living God, that runs in our soul like a spring fall.
This spring revitalize our daily life with a sense of belonging, security and confident to accomplish the impossible.

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Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.


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