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Once upon a time in Owerri Part 1.

Owerri is the capital of Imo State that was divided to create Abia State that has Umuahia as the capital. This State is located at the heart land of the Eastern Nigeria, that has a boundary demarcation with the Famous River Niger. The tributeries of this river run across Eastern region and Southern Region. Owerri … Continue reading

Once Upon a Time in a City called “UMUAHIA”

Abia State is a province in Nigeria with a Capital called Umuahia, this dusty town is located at the Eastern region of Nigeria with a 100% Christians made up of Catholics,Methodist,Anglican,Pentecostal,Seven day Adventist,Cherubim and Seraphim, and the aka ” Abia God’s Own State” . I happened to be on a visit to this city my … Continue reading


Family and Influence

The family is an institution of marriage , that bring men and women to join hand in holy or atheist matrimony of marriage , that producess the result of reproduction. Having said this , it also brings a kind of physical bond between the parents to the off spring. This relationship that grows with time … Continue reading