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Family and Influence

The family is an institution of marriage , that bring men and women to join hand in holy or atheist matrimony of marriage , that producess the result of reproduction. Having said this , it also brings a kind of physical bond between the parents to the off spring.
This relationship that grows with time create a process of learning that involves , trusting , believing,and doubting, as a child at his dependent age, believes and trust his parents even when the parents are wrong, as he start to exploit his God given knowledge and wisdom he tend to create his own identity, which might varies in the vision of the Parents. This tends to cause a commotion of the parents instilling there own knowledge and doctrine by way of expoiting the weakness of there child.
Relationship between Parent and Adult Child.
This the stage that is very clumsy in nature as the once a child is now an adult and tends to have a sense of choice of life style, dress style, and about everything that concerns him, even his relationship. Some parents are so much engrossed into there idealogy the failed to realized when the Child has become an Adult and still treat or discard the wisdom of the adult as a childs wisdom, this always bring friction and misunderstanding and strain the once sided relationship into a competition between who is more wiser.
Parents tend to use the word , age as the amont of experience without realising that experience is measured on a vast Landscape. Over protectiveness of your Child can only lead him to been paranoid and insecure and lack of confidence when exposed to the pears group, you can see a situation an adult will kill his parents as he saw them more of hinderance to him running his life,Or some extreme behaviour.
I beleive that is God who bless life and give wisdom, and directs our destiny, and it should be a thing of Joy when you see your child grows into adult and continue the process of reproduction but also it should be a tool of exploitation by the parents as the feel that the childs success is a loyalty to them and will be a share holder in the adult life by dictating and making decision on how the adult will run his own house.
If you find yourself in a situation your parents still treat you like a child , and you still afraid
to tell them the are wrong , then you will be enslaved for the rest of your life, as it will amount to a waste for you to exploit your own life experience.
When God asked Abraham to leave his family and Inheritance to the Promise Land, he trusted on his faith and left his parents to start a new life. All the challenges he faced on the process showed he is a man of wisdom and knowledge and allowed that human side to reflect in the decisions he made, the mistake and the Right, and at the end his wisdom and experience made him more wiser.
Our focus in life should be upon God and not Man, as every Human has his own agenda and will sale it to who is willing to buy, God is the Omnipotent.Omnipresnt,Omniscient and Creator of heaven and earth , his Convenant never change , his word is true and rigtheous.


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Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.


One thought on “Family and Influence

  1. Another interesting posting by you. Thanks for sharing! ; )

    I would say that some parents just don’t want to let their children go, they just don’t want to set their children free and let them explore the world … which is very unfortunate especially that it tends to happen in the third world and many developing countries, including Indonesia… a place where I come from.

    However, everything is back to ourselves whether we want to be exploited by other or we want to live our own life in our own way. Of course, there are so many ways to show our love to our parent without letting ourselves being controlled by them for the rest of our life because I believe that everyone has their own life line. I think it is just the matter of choice …. ; )

    Posted by Oktofani | January 2, 2013, 5:11 pm

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