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Once upon a time in Owerri Part 1.

Owerri is the capital of Imo State that was divided to create Abia State that has Umuahia as the capital. This State is located at the heart land of the Eastern Nigeria, that has a boundary demarcation with the Famous River Niger. The tributeries of this river run across Eastern region and Southern Region. Owerri as the city is called is famous for a lot of Igbo cultural Heritage. And serves as the center of Igbo Land aka. heartland of Igbo. This city attract all kind of people especially the Igbo tribe visiting the East for holiday, the city is always Agog during the Yuletide period, you will be able to see young boys and girls, Men and Women all showing out in there best cloths and jeweries.
I happened to be in this city for a tonight business meeting, and stayed in the most famous Hotel in the town called the Concord Hotel Owerri, this Hotel was build in the 70’s by a civilian Governor called Chief.Dr.Onunaka Sam Mbakwe , who is the architect of the design of the state capital called Owerri. The modern Infrastructure that was constructed in his era are still the most significant buildings you can see in the town, like the famous concord Hotel Pic:

20130106-180627.jpg , more photo of the hotel
this Hotel is a Government of Imo State, owned investment. And is the most secured Hotel in the town with a 24hrs Mobile Police, anti Terrrorist,Rapid response Squad. Civil defense are all Guarding this prestigious Hotel. The Pride of Owerri.
Ever since the democracy of Nigeria in 2003 , the state has elected three Governors and each has strifed to be better than the other , regardless of the corruption ,insecurity,poor infrastructure and continous electricity black. The state has continued to strife in maintaing it’s land mark, compared to the sister state Abia State – Umuahia that has chosen the part of Bankrupting it’s Land mark investment that was made during the first Democratic republic.
This comparison of the states will show how Human beings has chosen to destroy a legacy that was the epitome of the foundation of the state. Why the other’s choose to continue to preserve ,restructure and management of the state Land mark. My tour of the state, has shown me what is the different between a City and a Town”.,
Infrastructures that is located in Imo State :-
1. Dr. Sam Mbakwe Local Airport.






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One thought on “Once upon a time in Owerri Part 1.

  1. Why is it the hotel or the government provide such a very tight security just for the hotel?

    Posted by Oktofani | January 7, 2013, 9:39 am

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