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The 266th Pope( Francis)

No More Pentecostal Popemobile’s Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio The election of the new pope is a prophetic slap in the face for our egotistical excess. I’m not Catholic, and I’ve never completely understood Catholics’ preoccupation with Vatican politics. But I’ve been watching the Vatican closely since the election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina to … Continue reading

Unite in Faith

Sent forth by God’s Blessing our true faith confessing the people of God from this dwelling take leave the service is ended O now be extended the fruit of our worship in all who believe the seed of the teaching, receptive souls reaching shall blossom in action for God and for all. God’s grace did … Continue reading

God’s Prophesy fulfill in deceit

Genesis 27&28 Jacob gets Isaac’s Blessing. (What a tangle web we weave when we entangle our self to deseit.) Reflection (Spiritual blessing are given and not gotten.) This is an illustration of how a family fratured in trying to get the blessing of God by a fraud means. Blessing of Jacob: *Deception *Detection . *Dream … Continue reading

The power of prayer

THE POWER OF PRAYER Why should we pray? . Prayer is the simplest of acts. It is simply speaking to God. . The power of the eternal world have been placed in prayer, the power to confront the impossibility and change it to possibility. . Prayer is the believers weapon of war. . Prayer is … Continue reading

The Biafra National Anthem, The Land of the rising sun.

Land to Biafra, consecrated nation, Oh fatherland, this is our solemn pledge: Defending thee shall be a dedication , spilling our blood we’ll count a privilege ; The waving standard which emboldens the free shall always be our flag of liberty. We shall emerge triumphant from this ordeal, and through the crucible unscathed we’ll pass; … Continue reading

There was a country, The first short

That lone rifle – shot anonymous In the dark striding chest-high Through a nervous suburb at the break Of our season of thunder will yet Steep its flight and lodge More firmly than the greater noises Ahead in the forehead of memory.