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God’s Prophesy fulfill in deceit

Genesis 27&28
Jacob gets Isaac’s Blessing. (What a tangle web we weave when we entangle our self to deseit.)

Reflection (Spiritual blessing are given and not gotten.)
This is an illustration of how a family fratured in trying to get the blessing of God by a fraud means.
Blessing of Jacob:
*Detection .

. Isaac knew God’s prophecy to Jacob but he was willing to test God to his word and asked Esau to cook for him to receive the blessing as the first son.
. Rebekah knew God’s will and was willing to take Ungodly action to fulfill God’s Prophesy.
. Jacob knowing God’s will was afraid in the way the Mother was planing to bring it to fullfillment and his fear was. if the action fail his father’s curse will be upon him. (For one lie will lead you to another lie and it will continue to repentance)
. Isaac suspected the action of Jacob as deceitful and still went on to bless Jacob.
Factors in Play-:
Selfishness,favoritism,lying,deception was used in fulfilling God’s prophecy.
( God’s people must never stoop to deception to get spiritual blessings.)

. A dysfunctional Church is always secretive and hideous to get the church work done.
. Family disfunction is common and can been seen in favouritism, hatred,biased,anger,competition.

– Esau (edom)has no regret but anger and blame to Jacob for cheating him , forgeting he sold his birth right for lentil of food. And instead of seeking to rebuild the damaged relationship he went and disobeyed his family and God, and took an Ungodly wife from the cannanite and ishmeal .

The family loss.
.Isaac never see his son Jacob.
.Rebekah never spend time with his favourite son as he was send away as Esau threaten to kill him
.Esau, went astray and become an outlaw and lost contact with God and family.
.Jacob ( Israel) become a fugitive and roam in the wild.
Reflection (God disciplines every sin to give us a better spiritual life.)

Jacob encounter with God in beth l,was a significant turn around in his life for he realise that God was with him as God assured to be with him through his journey until his return to the promise land and Jacob promise to give God ten percent of all earn and serve and worship him for the remainder of his life.
Reflection ( God gives in grace& mercy what we can never get on our own.)
“Jesus said i have come to bless you are we willing to receive his blessing.”


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