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Unripe Plantain, What it can.

What unripe plantain can do Many things could make a man unable to fulfill his sexual obligation to his partner. A man who is not able to “perform” sexually would experience both psychological and mental block. He may also experience emotional torment. To guard against this, take this meal: oA meal of unripe plantain with … Continue reading

Agent of Reconciliation

-Joseph Devoted to God by talking about God to every body he meets, second devotion was his humility attentiveness to others problem and seeking to help those in sad situation. – God’s agent speaks of God while for reconciliation ” Joseph practical action can inspire us to be God’s representative. . Joseph rise to Power … Continue reading

Suffering as Training of Life

Suffering is a reality for every true christians starting from Jesus Christ ,Jacob,Abraham,Joseph etc, all this suffering is a way to lead us to the fullfillment of God’s purpose. For God training includes suffering and success for Kingdom workers. What matters in this suffering is what we get out of it. For going through suffering … Continue reading