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Suffering as Training of Life

Suffering is a reality for every true christians starting from Jesus Christ ,Jacob,Abraham,Joseph etc, all this suffering is a way to lead us to the fullfillment of God’s purpose.
For God training includes suffering and success for Kingdom workers. What matters in this suffering is what we get out of it. For going through suffering and getting nothing out of it ,is a wasted suffering. for Joseph was able to exploit all options in his suffering to stand out or get something out of it.
. Succeeds in Potiphars house – from slavery to head of the masters house. Gen:39:1-6.
For Joseph rise from the bottom to the top in his master house proofs that God was with him in alll his travail, he went wearing rags to wearing Royal rope, because he was not self pity,despaired of his situation and was dedicated in trusting in God and applying his word on himself, he focused on what he could control and not what is out of his control.
How did he learn to trust in God? Joseph been the favourite son of his father stayed close to home and was able to learn the way and principles of God and how to trust in God in the time of suffering,from his Father ( Jacob ?and Grand Father ( Isaac) for both Men pass through suffering before the become successful in their respective.
The princilple : God give hidden blessing in Sufferings, if we judge Gods will by the present circumstance we will loose the reward ahead. As in suffering we grow our faith and understand that life is never constant.
. Suffering from Potiphars wife . Gen:39.7-19. Success and temptation has to do with our character. Fleeing from those temptation does preserve your character, we need spiritual support to resist such a life temptation. (Hail has no furry from a woman that is rejected )( coogle) as Potiphar’s wife was a master manipulator. Joseph reward for his intergrity is that he lost his position,lost his comfort,lost his command and was thrown in prison.
For God’s training for Kingdom workers means death for self, it means putting God first and trusting in him when things are not going well.
When we are hurt by other people by way of blackmail do we resort to anger or revenge, when you are accused wrongly do we pray forgiveness or revenge, when we are physically attacked do we fight back or let go. Been couragious and fearless of the situation and circumstance of your trivial and trusting in God will crown you with success. God will turn around your situation and God will always provide a way out, for God’s mercy is in training. How often do you notice the pain in peoples face? For Joseph even in his locked down was able to show interest in other’s sadness and seek to help and put a smile back on the face by listening to there sad story and interpreting it into reality. How often have we been failed by those we have helped , how often do we put our hope in Human, for the truth of life is that every man will fail and abandone you on the course of life, but God will not.
The long process of suffering doesn’t mean that God has forgotten us , rather God is making a better plan and making us to wait for the opportunity in patience.
Principle: God’s training for Kingdom workers is to serve wherever,whenever, and whoever.
What isthe hope for the future, is it in somebody, or in yourself, or in God?
Do we realize where God want us to serve right now, for every christian should voluteer regularly to serve .
Joseph Story is a story of hope, intergrity and endurance in terrble time, strength to endure come when you fix your mind and heart on things greater than a temporary comfort and pleasure.


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