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Agent of Reconciliation

-Joseph Devoted to God by talking about God to every body he meets, second devotion was his humility attentiveness to others problem and seeking to help those in sad situation.
– God’s agent speaks of God while for reconciliation ” Joseph practical action can inspire us to be God’s representative.
. Joseph rise to Power
.Joseph test his Brothers
.Joseph reunites family
– Dreams for Christian unnecessary to get direction for our problems . For dreams are subjector and cannot be trusted in the present time as a sign to direct our life. The word of God has replaced dreams and we can see the direction of our life by reading the word of God with spiritual understanding and applying the word of God in our daily life.
( for God’s agent only give credit for success for the source.)
If God has not created us where will we be? As God agent we have to make it a mandate to tell the unbelieving world about Gods blessing upon our life( Testify and Glorify God in every aspect of our life for he is the architect of the purpose of our life)
– Joseph meet his brother and at the same time test there character. By accusing them of spy and imprison them for three days for them experience the harshness of life and see how the will react. And through this test the realize the sin the have have committed in the past , Joseph as God agent was able to use Gods direction to make to realize the past sin , by putting there money in there sack, which further confess as a sign of there sin.
Joseph was able to see the inner feeling of the brothers by welcoming them to his home and given Benjamin the biggest share of the food to see if the will be jealous he further have them alcohol to relax and the spoke in Hebrew ignorant of Joseph can hear them . And he was able to hear what the say and there connection as family .
Joseph as God agent does not seek revenge but repentance and forgiveness to the brothers,
Repentance means change , as we have to know that as agent of God we should be also agent of repentance or change in our life and in our environment, in our church or family. For our action can bring the reconciliation that will unite Family, Church and People.
Joseph give glory to God in about every way he can and always invoke the name of God in very challenge and situation he face, and God was able to exalt him to the highest position.
God action of reconciliation in our life can be reflected in the dead of Jesus Christ for our win. God also use Joseph as his agent to reconcile his entire family.
– God agent has Joy at reconciliation of men to God and Men to Men . For there is joy in heaven when a sinner repent and reconcile his bad ways to god ways, by following the step of humility,attentiveness,care,patient,Perseverance, forgiveness,love,Faith.
(2corithians 5:18-20) –


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