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A woman is a reflection of a Man.

Dude is very insightful. He’s so right. Men should look at smart, successful women as a reflection of themselves instead of allowing it to make them feel insecure. I’ve experienced insecure men and it can lead men to try to use mental tactics to tear the woman down so that he can feel “like a man”. And then the woman can end up trying to make her man feel like a man. This does not work at all. I agree with what 50 said about the Obamas. It’s all about what a couple can do together. Michele was his mentor, he saw how smart she was and then realized that it would be great to partner with her. He made a wise choice and more than anything, she makes her husband look good. The public’s love for her only strengthens his position. A man can achieve and maintain greatness much easier with the support of a great woman. The smarter the woman, the more she can do to help her man. The more money she can make, the more value she has to their family, the empire they are building together. They were really a good match. Her smarts were used to help build her family’s legacy – there can’t be anything more important than that (besides serving God). Together they achieved what most thought was impossible. Thank God the President wasn’t insecure and went for Michelle or we may have never seen the 1st black POTUS. And they were equally yoked, they had common interests and similar goals. It didn’t matter who was more “book smart”. Together they are the perfect combination. They really are a great team. 50 basically spoke the Truth – “An excellent wife is the crown of her husband…” “Do not be unequally yoked…”


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