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Three Big Temptation in Life.

The title is not a new thing in our life, as Jesus Christ faced similar challenges when he was on earth. There was a couple who don’t want to talk to each other as the are having a domestic problem, as the wife needed to go to the Bank ,she cannot drive she took a piece of paper and wrote Mr. Can you drive me to the bank, and the husband responded with a similar action and wrote “yes” as the arrive at the bank there was bank heist and the robbers ask everybody to drop to the ground, unfortunately the mask of the robbers fell off and he as the customers in the bank one by one did you see my face the once that said yes was shot until it reach the woman turn and she stood up when asked the same question did you see my face? Her response was I didn’t see your face but my husband pointing the direction of where the man lay saw your face , and the robber went over and killed the husband before the left with there heist.
Temptation leads to trouble and we have to learn to resist temptation when it comes, if we realize the area of our weakness we can be better prepared to form a resistance. If Adam realized his weakness in Eve he wouldn’t have accepted to eat the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden. For we always use the devil as a convenient defense for our action, because we don’t want to see and realize our mistake and weakness.
For satan has tried and true strategy for luring us into his net:
1. First ,he lays down the bait.
2. He appeal to our desires.
3. The struggles begins.
4. The temptation ends with a response, of excuse for our action
We have a choice to resist or yield to such challenges . If we de recognize the temptation coming our way we have to flew from it and resist every alluring desire we have towards the enticing challenge.
For most temptation comes to us when we are at the spiritual height of our life, also when we are in a physical state of exhaustion, weakness, hungry.
For Jesus was tempted for the first time after he was baptized, second after he came out from the wilderness from fasting for 40 days and 40night. Third when he was alone , this similar challenges that Jesus face is similar to our daily challenge, for Jesus was conscious of his state of mind, physically, mentally and spiritually including the temptation that awaits his way. If we want to be a strong believer in The Lord we have to be trained physically and spiritual to resist every temptation.
Some of the temptations that we face.
1. The temptation to do it ourself . ( the devil knows that Jesus was the Son of God , but wanted to discredit and embarrass him for people to see his weakness , the devil always know our full potential because he is familiar with our life and weaknesses and will always wait at the appropriate time to tempt us. Jesus knowing the intentions and plan of Satan was able to resist and rebuke him ( man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God ) this response shows how well prepared and solid footed Jesus was, redirecting the Satan question and command of turning the stone into bread with reference to the word of God as a solution to his situation , been filled with the word of God is the best weapon we can use to counter every temptation be it spiritually or physically.
For we scheme and plan our personal well being because we feel God is not physically present to help us, and that is the number one weakness of every believer and the satan will always use that weakness to tempt us.
2. The temptation to take the easy way: when Jesus was taken upto the mountain and shown in an instant all the kingdom and splendor in the earth and promised to be made the ruler if he should worship the satan, Jesus response was ” Worship The Lord your God and serve him only. This action displays Jesus total commitment in his faith and his willingness to resist the short cut to achieving an earthly glory and success by not willing to accept the proposal of the satan shows that the steadfastness of The Lord never ceased.
3. The temptation of desperation and challenge. When Jesus was led to Jerusalem highest point and asked to throw himself down, his response ” was was a warning ” do not put The Lord your God to test” this warning was the climax of resisting and letting satan know that he is aware of all his intentions and immediately called him to order by rebuking all his trial . In our life we have to be able to confidently rebuke the devil in all situation as it will make the devil to flew away and we can be able to enjoy the peace in our life with our heads high in confidence and not in despair. As Jesus was crowned in glory at end so shall we be crowned in glory when we over come the challenges of temptation. Be steadfast in your faith, Trust your God your Lord by Resisting and Rebuking every intruding challenge from the Satan.


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