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Just as I am, Without One Plea.

Just as I am, without one plea, but that thy blood was shed for me, and that thou abide in me to come to thee. Just as I am , and waiting not to rid my soul of one dark blot, to thee whose blood can cleanse each spot. Just as I am, though tossed … Continue reading

Running towards the goal.

Philippians 3:12-14: ” I have not yet reached my goal, and I am not perfect. But Christ has taken hold of me. So I keep on running and struggling to take hold of the prize. 13; My friends, I don’t feel that I have already arrive but I forget what is behind , and I … Continue reading

Un – Attached.

2014, has ushered in a new way of life for me, reflecting on the past event of 2013, i can only strive to have a more better direction and focus, as i was able to accomplish nothing of my desires, but am more than grateful above all thing to make a positive impact on some … Continue reading

Intense Realism

Reality can be rather harsh. Your days are numbered. It takes constant effort to carve a place for yourself in this ruthlessly competitive world and hold on it. People can be treacherous. They bring endless battles into your life. Your task is to resist the temptation to wish it were all different ; instead you … Continue reading

Impetuous Being

In my view ………., it is better to be Impetuous than cautious, because fortune is a woman, and if you wish to dominate her you must beat her and batter her. It is clear that she will let herself be won by Men who are impetuous rather than by those who step cautiously. Niccolo Machiavelli. … Continue reading

Arise & Soar

Leadership: is the act of serving and when we lead a group we feel responsible ,compassion,caring,careful,tenderly,patient,enduring in going through the obstacle of life to arrive at the destination safely. When we serve; we have to observe the rules , some time we can have an individual ambition to win by all means by changing the … Continue reading

Loosing the fear within.

The greatest fear people have is that of being themselves. They want to be some one else who the use as a role model, The do what this role model does even if it doesn’t fit ¬†where and who the are. But you get nowhere that way ; your energy is weak and no one … Continue reading