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Arise & Soar

Leadership: is the act of serving and when we lead a group we feel responsible ,compassion,caring,careful,tenderly,patient,enduring in going through the obstacle of life to arrive at the destination safely.

When we serve; we have to observe the rules , some time we can have an individual ambition to win by all means by changing the rule to our advantage .

Listening the Voice; of different individual is quiet challenging as it can be misleading, as a leader we must remain focus and steady and follow the voice of God that will lead us safely to our destination.

Given Value; Thermometer cannot control the temperature but the Thermostat can change the temperature . Rebuilding God’s vision is to change our attitude from the damaged face to a renewed face. For we do be favoured by God, we must hear God and change from inside, if we are hurt by some one, we have to start the process of forgiveness. For when the Lord is with us , it is visible to everyone and we are highly favoured in all situation.

Exemplify Integrity; Bondages of life, like -relationship,spending,shopping,gambling,drug, can deprive the exemplified life that God has laid foundation for us. We can turn our life around , if we can be more Empathise Compassionately through such values as , (A) Serving Diligently (B) Exemplify Integrity (c)  Cultivating a Good Soil. For family to prevail , it will be the responsibility of the Husband and Wife to accept God’s given responsibility for the purpose of leading the family in paths of righteousness & integrity.

Living The Fullness Of Life : May be in some extend and may be more. unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies it remains only a single seed, but if it dies it produces many seeds.

Rejection; sometime  we listen to the wrong thing that influences our decision , out of self interest the Pharisees rejected Jesus to be set free but preferred the thief and murderer , for we have to identify what is a personal demon.

Ambition: The desire to reach to a certain goal, the inner to desire to reach for that seemingly unattainable goal, can be destructive and cause us to neglect the values of life God has given . sometime the result of such ambition can be , success,recognition,nail to the cross,anxiety ,hurts,respected and disrespected, crowned , doubts, pain, jealousy, suffering, sin, misunderstanding, mistrust etc .

Resignation ; When Pilate knew that he was getting nowhere to the trial of Jesus Christ, he resign his responsibility and hand it to the Pharisees he was motivated by personal difference to resign. Peace maker who sow peace reap a harvest of righteousness , for a true peace maker will always find out the true issue and then resolve it.  Our God is an amazing God if we are willing to take responsibility of the situation and become the peacemaker to find the resolution and not resuscitation. Some time we don’t have to justify our self or action to resolve the issue, for when Jesus was accused , to the great amazement of the Governor he did not to respond.

Revelation; Is when God reveal himself to us. Our action through our utterance can be motivated by our personal ” Dignity(Self,Importance,Pride) where is there dignity without Honesty.All who exalt themselves will be humbled but who humble themselves will be exalted ( Luke: 18-14) if we have the right sense of who we are it will help us to carry ourself in confidence & dignity .

Reverence; is been able to see, not only the natural but from the natural to the spiritual . When we have a reverence heart God us use to perform miracle.


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Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.


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