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Physicality & Spirituality

The physical interaction between human nature in the Eco – System always result to a lot of catalyst reaction , for we in the Eco – System to hybridize each individual motive of action he/she will need a spiritual revelation to see beyond the physical. We can use the past experience and events in our … Continue reading

Using God – Given Talent for Service

Using God – Given Talent For Service. ( Mathew 25: 14 – 30 )Rev: Denny Nainggolan. The heavenly God gives according to one ability to handle . That is the fairness in God’s Kingdom. The master distributed 8talent according to each of the servants ability to handle , as all are not equal in hard … Continue reading

Suspicions Mindset

Suspicion is one of the characters of God’s creation, for we are living in a big Jungle, made up of different creations with different instinct to survive . For one to survive in a Carnivorous environment he has to always be on a 24 hours surveillance of his Eco – System at the same time … Continue reading

We Cut the Coal

We Cut The Coal ( 1Corinthians 3 vs 1 – 10. There are three kind of people mentioned in this chapter: – Wordly : Self directed people who want to impose their own selfish ideology in God’s ministry. – Spiritual : spiritually directed people who interpret the teaching of God as word . – Infant … Continue reading

Justice ; Black & White

Ms. Schapelle Corby was 25 yrs when she visited Bali for a Holiday after a scintillating fun filled time in the Island of Bali – Indonesia . She decided to bring with her a Load of Marijuana (4kg) ( sorry she claimed she was set up as the Luggage was not her’s , makes me … Continue reading

Jakarta & Poor Drainage

Jakarta is the Heart beat of Indonesia the economic and seat of power of a country of over 260Million People. Look at what a day rain has caused the entire capital , as the Government has neglected the decaying infrastructure and focused more on illusional elephant project like the Monorail.


What is life ? In my lay language life is the ability to breath in and breath out, the act of waking up daily in pursuing the objectives we have set up for our accomplishment in each day, week,month, and year . This set Objectives is what gives us hope in Life. Every Individual male … Continue reading