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Suspicions Mindset

Suspicion is one of the characters of God’s creation, for we are living in a big Jungle, made up of different creations with different instinct to survive .
For one to survive in a Carnivorous environment he has to always be on a 24 hours surveillance of his Eco – System at the same time be ready to take every opportunity of the weaker carnivores .
I have watched with great interest of the United States Government ( NSA ) National Security Agency, this Agency is a more powerful Carnivorous, more dangerous than the CIA,FBI,MI5,KGB,NATO,EU, in fact more dangerous than Isreal,Iran,North Korea, China, even the Government that funds it The United States of America.
You may wonder why I feel the NSA is a Powerful institution than any institution and country , well see it from this perspective; that it has a capacity to collect all the Datas in this World and store in a build warehouse in the Arizona Desert. This agency is at liberty to know what the world population of over 7billion people are up to , for me is the newest world most dangerous Institution , That aspire to equal to God ; for is only Omniscient , omniscient , omnipresent God can determine what we do in private , now God has a rivalry in the name of National Security Agency that can monitor, collect, and take action without the knowledge of the weaker Carnivores , Hmmmmm, this will really challenge all the prophets, visioners, visionary, scientist , voodoo priest, dibias, imams, pastors, witches and wizard to up their profession.
But we are all Human created equal and empowered with a suspicion mindset to be aware of the lurking dangers in our Carnivorous Eco – System.

Edward Snowden a NSA contractor was hired because of his awesome talent in hacking and stealing Data, as a good hacker he knows the risk involved in stealing Data and knows the cost of such a live risk is a life in prison But the twist now is that his illegal profession has been made legal by Uncle Sam and he can be protected by the Law to steal Datas around the World , with Uncle Sam as his Shield.

Suspicion and doubt on the intention of legalizing Hacking in the Goose of War against terrorism by Uncle Sam led him to put his hacking skill to test as you know is a Caniverous Eco – System he might be exterminated by the dangerous caniver if his contract expires; very wise thinking.

So he went on a mission as a Super Hero to save the world by Hacking into the Omni NSA and revealing the discreet and evil intentions , sorry Good intentions of Uncle Sam mini NSA. He showed to the mini NSA that once a killer is always a Killer , once a snitch is always a snitch and once a Don is always a Don and once a Hustler is Always a Hustler, once a bitch is always a Bitch.

He not only embarrassed his paymaster , he absconded with a data that has made the world to realize that NSA is a Human Ideology and is not immuned from sabotage.

Bravo Homie , your now the most wanted Fugitive on this planet ,exiled to Russia where you will forever live and die as I know that a lot of guys like you who are even veteran Army are cooling off in a solitary jail in USA, USA don’t know what is called forgiveness , repentance , mercy rather is a Country that is Guided sorry Metamorphosed by the British Empire to punish without mercy.

It is now clear that my faith in God is unshakable as his Mercy, Forgiveness, and Repentance for sinners are metamorphosed by our Savior Death and Resurrection .

Give your life to God and not to Russia that will give you a Temporary tenant like your co fugitive Arseven of Wikileak ( who is holed up in Ecouador Embassy in London for the rest of his life) as I know the British felt embarrassed by the loophole in the judiciary that gave him bail to escape , I know the are watching him 24hrs.

Putin a former KGB spy like you ; has given you shelter as a fugitive , “never betray his Mother Land and will never ” in fact he will crush every opposition or freedom fighters or liberals or gay or politicians or businessman to consolidate power to his Mother Land.

Putin policy has destroyed East Europe , like; under his Govt he supported the separatist in Georgia Abkhazia region and even send his army because Georgia Govt is aligned to the West and EU membership. Now we have Ukraine – Kiev is on fire because of Putin dangling 15billion Loan to stop the Yanukovych Govt from signing a deal that will allow Ukraine to join Euro, 77 dead in one day, What a Shame.
A government that suppresses the will of the people is where you are seeking refuge. Polish late president died in a plane crash after opposing Putin policy.

We as a human being tend to run or parley with the wrong canivor when our suspicion mind set lead us to become a fugitive , is better to face your action and defend it ; if your intentions are right than to be a fugitive and be canabalised.

GEJ of Nigeria has been the most hated president of Nigeria history , why I use hate is because right from the moment ; British imperial empire handed our Independent to Tafawa Balewa as the Prime Minister and Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe as the president , this country has continued to be shuffled around by the Northern and Western Caniverous entity in the disguise that the are majority in population as a result feel supreme to consume other weaker canivores .

This has led to a civil war , a countless military coup d’√©tat , a civilian democratically elected overthrown by the Military Canibals who also wrestle them self as who is the stronger predator ; some time when we face racism discrimination in a majorly dominant white society the only reason we feel we are been targeted is because we are Black , yes “Black” has become a stigma in our brain .

When I look back and see what is Going on in Nigeria, the Question is why do we discriminate? “because we are divided in South , West, East, North, Yorubas, Housas, Igbo’s, Muslim , Christians ,language , culture , style, education, illiteracy, lack of Amenities, or what?

GEJ is from the minority Southern Cannibals and was opportuned to ascend to the throne by the death of late Yar Dua from Majority Northern Cannibals . Ever since he has been in Power and has won his first presidential election in 2011, he has been tasked with the Boko Haram Cannibals from the North who one of the former military president and a presidential candidate in 2011 vowed that if he is not elected the country will witness blood shed, now he is a living witness to his testament .

This GEJ has endured a personal barrage and intimidation to see that he succumb to the Nothern Cannibals who are drunk in power and cannot survive with out power.

Elected Governors under his party had joined the opposition Northern Cannibals , House representative had switched loyalty , now the Governor of the Central Bank who is suppose to carry out extensive consultation with the appropriate agency can easily send confidential letter to the President and Leak it to the Press.

Embarrassing the Govt he work for like Edward Snowden , and the different is that this so called Mallam Sanusi from the Northern Cannibals still later went to press to say that the figure he accused the Govt of stealing was wrong as he did not cross check his account well what fool.

Benarke was appointed by Grorge Bush and retained by Obama , through the economic crisis of 2008 to Universal ( Affordable) health care policy of Obama , I have not seen Benarke make any political statement that support the republicans who has fought Obama on all his policy.

Is all about Loyalty and Respect to the president of the United States of a America . Why can’t such respect and Loyalty be accorded to the office of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Sanusi had beaten more than he can chew and was finally suspended a few night ago ; immediately obtained a court injunction from been prosecuted by the Law for misappropriating over 300billion naire ( $1 to 168naire )the front page news is all against GEJ for removing a corrupt CBN Governor who has with out approval used the public fund to support his pet project in the North .
This cannibal was in jail for two years for be heading a minority citizen in the name that his wife used a page of the Quran as a baby pamper. This shows you the level of poverty the Northern Cannibals has subjected this country.

The will not let a Minority cannibal to give his best in service ; 2015 presidential election will be a master show piece to see how far Nigerian population has developed in awareness and facts and not bigotry ideology .



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