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Using God – Given Talent for Service

Using God – Given Talent For Service. ( Mathew 25: 14 – 30 )Rev: Denny Nainggolan.

The heavenly God gives according to one ability to handle . That is the fairness in God’s Kingdom.
The master distributed 8talent according to each of the servants ability to handle , as all are not equal in hard work, intelligent, education before the Master Eyes.

For all we have belong to God as we are the managers of God’s property Psalm24( the earth is The Lord and everything in it belongs to The Lord )

Sometime we are jealous of what other people can do and neglect our own ability . As we are busy spying and trying to figure out the next move and how others are successful instead figuring out on our next move and how we can be successful .
The parable of the talent shows that all of us are born with at least a talent , and how we utilize this given talent makes us to stand out In front of God and the society as we will be commended by all and abundantly blessed by God for our effort to multiply our given talent.

For those who choose not to realize their given talent will be left by the side walk to ponder and suffer.

The master realized the potential of the three servant and their different values , he utilized each of the servant based on its value to double his returns , this shows that we have to see each individual talent as it’s given , and combining the entire talent and tapping on it is a wise action .

For Jesus Christ did not feed 5000 people by him self , he utilized the contribution of the crowd based on the talent the have to be able to achieve such a great action .

In the talent parable the two who relished the opportunity and faith of the master was excited to see his return, as the made good use of their given talent to make profit .

The third servant who was more of a judge mental type was blinded by the characters he has seen with his Master , ( As he sees the master as a greedy hard to be pleased character reaping where he doesn’t sow) Did nothing and achieved nothing and his talent was taken from him and given to those who are ready to work. (his future was cast away. )As he failed to utilize his given talent to impress his master at the same time gain from the experience .



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