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Physicality & Spirituality

The physical interaction between human nature in the Eco – System always result to a lot of catalyst reaction , for we in the Eco – System to hybridize each individual motive of action he/she will need a spiritual revelation to see beyond the physical.

We can use the past experience and events in our Eco – System to ascertain or visualize the unrealistic and realistic event in our present , this will give us the self confidence to initiate decisions and accept the responsibility of such decisions, either in a positive or negative outcome .

Be assured that these reflections can give you a sound spiritual up liftment and peace of mind ; “Is like when you practice Yoga and just close your eyes and focus at a particular problem that had become a burden upon your Empire State of mind” you will be able to use spiritual force to pierce the surrounding boundaries and transcend into the euphoria of your bliss.
Well , when faced with a physical challenge , my advice is to seek for a spiritual solution first through a spiritual prayer ( close your eyes and bail out all your worries sing a spiritual song and be still for the moment in reflection of your prayer also reflect on your expectation beyond the reality ( Miracle) This will empower your physical energy and place you on a spiritual High; to be the master of all your problems; “my life principal to solving problem is to look for the solution in the problem “,you will be shocked on what your spiritual eyes can see.
“It may dawn on you that thou the problem looks big in the physical reign but in the spiritual reign it looks very small .

To be more spiritually inclined to live, gives you a leverage over the physical . Is like a dream , you see things in a different way and tend to twist it to your will , in a situation you’re spiritually over whelm you can twist to physical by abruptly waking up to interpret the dream in physical .

Always know that every Human in this Eco – World is equipped with a physical and spiritual gift and is a master of both gift.



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Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.


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