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The Change is Here , Indonesia 2014.

The say change comes not so easy, but the ability to identify what kind of change that we are experiencing or expecting, requires an expectant to be more than vigilant.

I have come to observe that Indonesia political landscape is been regrown, in population demographic and individual acceptability.

Population demographic: the past and up coming election will be determined by the number of voters turn out, as in the past many eligible voters are not passionate to vote as the feel that the contesting candidates are either corrupt, or just in Politics because of the their Father or uncle used to be politician, or the agenda of the candidate is just a word to win the voters. Some of the time, the feel that no matter who you vote for, those that has more money will buy the vote from the electoral official who will declare the highest bidder as the winner.


Today most of the eligible votes are more educated, and wiser, and to ensure that there votes counts, the are going to vote on individual line and not on party line, again the anti corruption body has been effective in unmasking some of the corrupt personalities, there action has brought a chill spine on some of the corrupt officials at the same time motivated the voters to make their vote counts.

IN 2012 Jakarta Governorship election, was a great test of Indonesian democracy, as the incumbent was pitched against an outsider, who has a very rear vision and personality, who was a Mayor for seven years of a small city called Surakarta, Joko Widodo was a able to engrave a foot print in this city that made his central political party to take notice of his achievement and gave him the chance to run for Governor of the most populated city in Indonesia (Jakarta).

The Jakarta Voters embraced this Candidate (Joko Widodo) not based on his promises but on the past record of his achievement in the small city of Surakarta, the Lower and middle class including the young educated class was overwhelm by his character and personality and the political risk he took to choose a minority Chinese Christian as his Deputy, which could have made him vulnerable to the opposition, as never in history has a minority won an election in such a high position, all this factors was never a factor as he was declared the winner of the election by a land slide margin. This has shown the change in mentality and believes of the Indonesian Voters and this change is going to be further tested in the up coming election.

The April Presidential and Parliamentary election in Indonesian is going to be a very great test of the national consensuses to continue to rebuild the image of this country, as over the years election result are bought, that has made it difficult for the intellectual, capable and vibrant candidate to win an election and chance to contribute to the development of Indonesia. But Joko has raised the hope of the hopeless and the believes of the unbelievers that change has finally come. He has been nominated to run for the president of Indonesian, less than half term of his tenure as the Governor of Jakarta.


On the historic public announcement by the political Head of the Indonesian Democratic Party Struggle (Megawati Soekarno Putri) to nominate Joko Widodo as there Presidential candidate, the Jakarta Stock Market responded with a 2% gain on that day, as a sign that this candidate is going be a candidate that will be business friendly, that I will say is another positive change. As the election draws closer each day, the public opinion are in support of him and he leads in the Poll, most of the eligible voters in the minority and majority of the populations are rooting for him to win.


Reflecting on other candidates he will be facing, I will say that Indonesian is ready for a change, a change that will be based on records and commitment to serve the people and not to rule the people, as the country step to the next level, even though some people are skeptical and in secure in accepting a candidate that has no military background, reason that Indonesia is not ripe to be governed by a full bloody civilian, I will say this skeptics have failed to realise that the political landscape of this country is been regrown from  the grass root and not from the top root.



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Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.


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