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The David in our Life ( 1 Samuel 17: 12 – 57 )

David’s father Jesse was an old man , who belongs to the Ephrathah Clan and lived in Bethlehem in Judah. Jesse had eight sons : the oldest was Eliab, next was Abinadab and Shammah was the third . The three of them has gone off to fight in Saul’s army. David was Jesse’s youngest son, … Continue reading

The Dos & Don’ts of Denim

The 10 Dos And Don’ts of Denim with PRPS’s Mikelle Street We’ve been a fan of Donwan Harrell’s PRPS brand since its start back in 2002. Having broken his teeth at Donna Karan and Nike, the die-hard denim fanatic with his etched cherub logo has built a cult classic handcrafted in Japan. The New York-based … Continue reading

In Christ Alone ( Easter Enductee to all)

1. In Christ alone, my hope is found ; He is my life , my strength , my song . This connerstone , this solid rock ; firm through the fierce , drought and storm. What heights of love , what depths if peace ; When fears arc stilled, when striving cease! My comforter , … Continue reading

The significance of the death of Christ ( John 19: 28-30 )

Is all in the last words of Jesus Christ before his death, the meaning of Jesus “Last Word” 1. He set his life as an example – in prayer and intercession . 2. Showed His divine love towards his persecutors – father forgive them for the don’t know what they do. 3. Jesus accepted everyone … Continue reading

Heart block vein opening natural remedy


Dry Bones Live again ( Ezekiel 37:1-14)

Some time later, I felt the Lord’s power take control of me , and his spirit carried me to a valley full of bones. The Lord showed me all around, and everywhere I looked I saw bones that where dried out. He said ,”Ezekiel, Son of man , can these bones come back to life?” … Continue reading

God have mercy

God have mercy upon my life, for all my wrong and right. God have mercy for all the wicked and evil ideology of mankind. God have mercy and show your grace upon all the corruption infected society that has produced the worst poverty and killing. God have mercy for all the aggression of the super … Continue reading

Jesus is more than enough

1. Following Christ Jesus For faith in Christ is never static but flexible to be able to reach out. True disciples will walk the path where their master has tread. 11 following the path that Christ walk doesn’t mean the path will be smooth, for following Christ in the midst of storm. iii. Faith in … Continue reading