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Imagine the length we go to destroy what we hate? Because, it is a threat to our fundamental believe , or because we feel we are in a position of power or we feel superior in complex or more we feel threaten as a result of our weakness or whatever bullshit reason we can give for selfish dictated action.
I will go round the clock in “Imagining” events that I have come to witness .
In my own imagination I feel is all influenced by human Zealot ambition .

Imagine the LA Clipper breaking news leaked by her sweet doll, whom I imagine must have endured barrage of word dressing before going to the press . Watching as the world roast this honest dislike to strip him of all he had worked and to turn around to defend the same man ” Imagine the motive of her action ” Money and Fame” still holding hand with same Man.

Imagine the Governor Of Jakarta Winning the Indonesia presidential election , bringing the desired change in the political landscape dominated by retired generals and family inherited political dynasty. Imagine the motive of action ” honesty and Realism ” still he will be holdings hands with the same retired and inherited dynasty in forming a Government .

Imagine “Boko Haram” a terror group that has been influenced by the Nigerian Political change of the South South Minority Christian holding on to Power against the wish and expectations of the Northern Majority who feel marginalized because the are not ruling ; imagine all this Northern retired Generals who has vowed in making the Goodluck Jonathan Government ungovernable , will be reasonable to unite and seek for a political solution than making incitement statements to motivate the terror group to continue to kill innocents Nigerians until the President resigns. And these blood thirsty , extreme vultures of the northern caliphate, desperately seeking power politicians who wants to return to power not by the ballot but by destabilizing Nigeria. Imagine the have a change of heart and seek for a
democratic change and work with the incumbent to bring peace in there state. Imagine the motives for such an action ” Greed and Superiority ” in numbers and religion.

Imagine the Russian “Putin” action in destabilizing a sovereign country “Ukraine” by annexation of Crimea with a botched referendum that allows another part of Ukraine to be part of Russia , destabilizing the entire political structure of the country that is now bound for a civil war that will lead to the destruction of life and properties. Imagine Putin refusing to to support such a break and seeking for a peaceful solution to a financially broke country that has a strategic role in the Russian Gas and Oil exportation to Europe. Imagine the Europeans sanctioning Russian Gas and Oil import and freezing some of its assets or the Ukrainian vandalizing the pipe lines that cross it’s country to Europe . Imagine the motives of action “Greed and Superiority”


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Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.


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