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My New York experience and Observation

New York – Manhattan , is a Unique place and stand out from Brooklyn,Queens,Long Island. Manhattan is divided into two; Upper and Lower .

Both areas are dotted with skyscrapers that decorate the architectural uniqueness of the city beauty , which are closely set together but separated with avenues and streets that can easily be navigated to connect to the city center , the land mark of Manhattan called ” Time Square this Time Square beholds an amazing sight , as is very busy with a lot of shoppers and tourist from all over the world doing different kind of activities from drinking , eating, sightseeing, taken photos, shooting movies, dramas and hawkers of different kind of goods from T-shirts , tickets for cinemas and comedy also city tour guides are not excepted.

This makes this city my favorite place to visit, walking from my hotel ( Milford ) at 8th avenue to the 1st avenue gives me a kind of excitement that I have missed, New Yorkers are very focus minded in there Hustle, the tourist and shopping centers really decorate the atmosphere.

The cold and shiny weather with a chilling night gives me a sense of purpose. New York is a great city, but for me is not the best place to live. Is all about money, shopping,movies, bars,clubs and don’t forget wall street,the financial center of the world.

The cost is way up the sky, the sensibility here is to make money and spend money. I miss Jakarta and cannot wait to go back Home, God bless America.

I love New York for the thousands of options on how to spend my money, let me not forget the fashion sense here is divided between, sneakers or canvass trends and I will say high fashion of Saks in fifth avenue. This city can accommodate the rich and the poor, and you can only see the difference in where the do there shopping including the road side traders that sale more of t-shirts with a bold print I LOVE NEW YORK.

Also this city is multi racial from all race in the world well represented in all level of life and business. Is a city of Entranger’s . A city where you can openly see two females making out in an open space and no body cares, you see Man to Man holding hands as a couple and no blink. And you see the Straight in there own action.

The dress code here is way too outrageous, a country without a Cultural value is in turmoil, as the liberty here is uncontrollable and sensitive to me, as I come from a background of cultural oriented society.

Still New York is indeed unique on it’s own way and will definitely remain a city I wanna come back.





About amuzementpark

Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.


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