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Power of Love

Love Well; that you may be able to comprehend …. What is the width and length and depth and height — to know the love of Christ. ( Ephesians 3: 17 – 19 )

Love Unite; If you love me , keep my commands . And I will ask the Father and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever – the spirit if truth. The world cannot accept him , because it neither sees him nor know him. But you know him, for he lives with you and will be in you.( John 14:15 – 17 )

Love is unconditional; You must love him with all your heart , soul, mind, and strength .
The second most important commandment says: Love others as much as you love yourself ; no other commandment is more important than these.” ( Mark 12: 30 – 31 )

Ways of love;

Compassion Way ; Jesus showed his compassionate way of love to his disciples by humbling himself and washing the feet of the disciples .

Attention Way : Jesus showed his attention way of love by seating down with his disciples and patiently listen to all they’re questions and answers them with passion.

Care – Confrontation Way : Jesus showed his care – confrontation love by confronting Judas action and commitment. This shows he do care about Judas, for Jesus confront everything that is not right . To show his care for injustice and righteousness.

Absolution Way: Jesus doesn’t want his disciples to be sentimental lover, but he want us to put the love in action, after we feel the sentiment. We have to show it my our action.

Advocate Way; Jesus is love advocate and he send the Holy Spirit to comfort , guide and counsel us in our daily life . For the Advocate is the spirit of truth.

For love unite the Father, Son and World, because of the Love Jesus has for the World. He maintains his connection with the world through the holy spirit.


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Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.


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