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Are you being” Driven or Called?”

There is a difference between a person who is driven and a person who is called. The purpose of been called or driven can be seen in the execution of action and way of comportment .

For those who are driven are compelled by an obsession within; for King Saul was a driven man and didn’t realize his wrongs and showed rebellion and arrogance that led him to disobeying God’ will.

Samuel was the force in Saul’s motivation , for he was not happy when Saul was rejected by God, Samuel showed fear and doubt when God asked him to go to Bethlehem to anoint a new king in Jesse’s house .

Even when Samuel told Saul his kingdom was over , Saul didn’t accept God’s word , but was driven by his obsession to retain his Kingdom and applied extreme rules and deceit to hold on to his Kingdom.

Samuel also in a way was sympathetic to Saul and mourn the news of Saul’s kingdom coming to an end , he showed reluctant when he was asked by God to fill his horn with oil and be on his way. ( 1Samuel 16:1-2) given excuses of fear towards Saul.

“The outward is not as important as the Inward”

For God is not interested in the outward but in the inward ; and Samuel was more interested in the physical or outward of the new King.

Samuel compelled by God to visit Bethlehem , to anoint one of the sons of Jesse’s as the new King of Israel. Arriving in the city was welcomed by the elders who enquirer to know his mission , knowing him as a great messenger of God and anointer of King Saul ( God see what we miss and We miss what we see)

Samuel ( the King maker) was more interested in the physical outlook of the son’s of David , seeing “Eliab” physical outlook; that features six packs,smooth skin, handsome face, styled hair, good cloth, a complete man with a charisma; his taught was this must be the new King.

But God has a different choice , a choice that is beyond the imagination of the physical eyes ,beyond the presence of the seven Son’s Jesse has presented to Samuel , beyond how old,beyond the physical out look.

Samuel realization of the purpose of Gods choice compelled him to enquire from Jesse if this was all his Sons. ( the last shall be the first, the underestimated , undervalued, weak and poor will be the overestimated,valued , strong,rich)

For David is called by God to be the next king of Israel, because of his obedient, humble,faith, fearlessness; all this qualities endured him to God. In life we should allow God to direct our life and lead us in everything we do.

For a driven person sees God as his means( prosperity,protection,provider). A Called person sees God as his aim (to life, service, faith, determination ) for we have to humble ourself as servant of God and allow God to bless the works of our hand by his calling and timing .


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