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“Almost Christian” ( Acts 26-29)

An almost Christian is one who has a foreknowledge of the gospel and principle of Jesus Christ , but had a great doubt or disbelieve in trusting such words and principle in their life, because of the doubt the choose not to be involved or represent in God’s ministry.

. Heathen honesty
. Pay attention about truth, as well as to Justice
. A sort of love and assistance which they expect one to represent.


. Having a form of Godliness
. The good people avoid sin because the desire good
. The bad person avoid good because the desire sin.

Acts 26:24-29
. The apostle Paul as a prisoner gave testimony to King Agrippa and Festus at the court.
. King Agrippa wife was a Jew.
King Agrippa has foreknowledge of what Paul was saying but didn’t believe in it.
King Agrippa and Festus where almost Christian.

John Wesley was an almost as he confessed with his mouth , ” for salvation in Jesus was not enough for him, but in Aldergate ” He felt so pressed to realize that Jesus Christ has taken away my sin by given me a chance to live eternal life in Christ Jesus , this realization made him to devout his time to serving God in becoming a good Christian . (Love The Lord your God with all your heart)

Go and make the disciples of all nation ,baptizing them in the name of the father , the son and the Holy spirt, teaching them to obey all I have commanded you. Surely I am with you always till the end of age.


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