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Money and Evil; Concept.

‎Logically and Practically : Is money the root of all evil? I doubt. I’ve seen a poor man, praying to be Rich but never see a Rich man praying to be poor. Tell me how money is the root of all evil…
‎Money is the root of all evil as a “facilitator” of everything associated with evil and good. For a killer is paid with money, to facilitate his action, for kidnapping is paid with money to facilitate the action, corruption is the greed for money, so money facilitate corruption and the rich country occupy the smaller one, money is still the facilitating link, we can go on and on but money as an instrument of buy and sale has much power, and controls our human behaviour that transcend to the following factors: corruption,crime,desire and discrimination in the social class.

‎But is money a source of happiness?

‎Happiness is not money, happiness is derived from our desires, money plays a fraction part , in facilitating our reach to some of the vanity of happiness in life.

‎If you put money as the focus of your happiness, you will be blinded to know the reality of your life, for example, you like a beautiful girl but you don’t have money, when you approach her, she might still be interested in you as she might see that you have a natural charisma of life. But if you have money and buy her nice expensive gift, to attract her, she might also be interested because of the expensive gift and pleasure in life that comes with your money. Now, when all the money is gone and you cannot spend as you use to, what do you expect, frustration, argument,fight and eventual breakup.

‎Money should be a supporting pillar and not the foundation of our life, God should be the focus of our life, so we can be humble when we have and when we don’t.

‎Giver’s never lack, because the are happy to give, and it gives them Joy when the see the difference their action of given brings to other’s, we have to learn to do things that makes us happy, and stay in a positive environment by surrounding our self with positive energy and people.

Alright, stay focus on yourself, and always learn to please yourself first before others. So you can always be humble and happy with the Money you have.


About amuzementpark

Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.


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