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Medicine Oriental

Alipas & Angela what do the have in common and what is the function :

Alipas : Hormone that supports the testosterone , after you have aged up to 40 yrs your testosterone drops . Alipas helps to bring your testosterone to the normal level it was before your hormones drops, it increases your hormone and supports your erection.

This Alipas is not a chemical produced medicine but from a mixture
of different types leaf from a Tree processed to aid the testosterone to increase the hormone production to its normal level.

This is a medicine oriental or tradition is approved by FDA.

Angela: Hormone that support the estrogen . This medicine oriental helps the female who has attained the menopause age to increase the hormone to still be sexually active.

When the hormone of a man and a woman is not sufficient it causes wrinkles in the face and less sexually active.

This two medicine Alipas and Angela are hormone aiding the body system to function well, specifically it helps those that are above forty to continue to be sexually active and look well , as we get older our body system tend to depreciate in size and and in form and this two oriental medicine that has no side effect can help the body to robust and perform well.

Do consult your doctor for professional prescription and advise.


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