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Fear Not.

Fear Not; some time we are afraid of life,people,situation,death,sickness and all the challenges and uncertainty of life.

The message from Mathew 14:22-33, encourage us to fear not, for many incidence that has happen in the old testament to new testament are all centered on faith and how faith in God gave us that fearless spirit, zeal, determination to over come each of the several challenges that we face, for with fearlessness Moses; trusted in the Lord and led the children of Isreal to cross the red sea, with fear not Abraham left his inheritance to seek for the promised land, and The Lord shielded him in every step.

And with fearnot Paul went back to Jerusalem even when he was warned; because he has a total faith in God to shield him and fullfill his word.

For when Peter and the disciples faced challennges on the sea, the where terrified and afraid, but the appearance of JESUS on the sea, brough hope and fear not that Peter was able to walk on the sea when Jesus ask him to come, but because Peter has an internal struggle with his steadfastness in his Faith, he became worried and terrified that led him to begin to sink.

Our challenges and fear is the factor that cause us into depression and downward spiral to our grave, for without faith our soul is death, for some time we feel that Jesus is far from us and that cause us to be afraid of many things.

Many times’ we cannot see the lord as we are blinded by our internal struggle, but we also should know that the LORD can see us in our struggle and has outstretched his hand to redeem us, for Psalm 21, says; even though we walk through the valley of dead, thou LORD our God will shield and lead us through. For nothing can separate us from the love and grace of God. Fear not for the LORD is our Shield.


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