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Transparence : is define as the ability to be open in action in our live. The importance of transparency Knowability and unknowability . Any healthy relationship needs transparency , open up your lives. . When a couple is not open to each other their will be suspicious . . When we unwilling to be knowable … Continue reading

“Don’t Fear” ( Mathew 14:22-33 )

Fear is the number one reason why people have failed to accomplish their purpose in life. The syndrome of fear and how to overcome fear theory; Lion is the most feared, intelligent and faithful partner. The male and female divide there responsibility based on their physical and intelligent ability, for the male intimidate the prey … Continue reading

” She wanted significance not just Success”

When you seek earnestly the meaning of life , and continue to seek God’s direction. You will surely find it, for God is bigger than any mountain. Wealth, is a composition of many factors , eg: money, Talent, Intelligent, personality, your kids, and everything that is associated with material. For all of us can be … Continue reading

The Purpose of Church Building

In the church service today, a member gave a testimony of how he has been pleased to be part of the church ministry. He then recounted how a Pastor in the USA told him that the Church is not the Building but the People, he further said ” is like standing in the middle of … Continue reading

God Still Calls People Today (Exodus3:1-15)

When God calls, he calls ordinary people and if I may ask why ordinary people? This ordinary people who has less privilege, Less education, less in everything but humble and contented. Out of their ordinary live routine, the are called, for God always use the circumstances of our life as a training to prepare us … Continue reading