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God Still Calls People Today (Exodus3:1-15)

When God calls, he calls ordinary people and if I may ask why ordinary people? This ordinary people who has less privilege, Less education, less in everything but humble and contented.

Out of their ordinary live routine, the are called, for God always use the circumstances of our life as a training to prepare us to Gods calling. For age is no restriction to Gods call for Moses was above 70yrs when he was called Jeremiah was a teenager. For when God calls he has a very definite purpose in mind.

Do you sense that God is calling you to do something very specific , how can we sense that God is calling us and what purpose; we have to first of all realize that God call is to render certain and different specific service to humanity , by been a peacemaker , been a motivational speaker , been a help to those that are in need , for we have to be conscious of our environment and seek God’s direction on how we can make a difference in our community regardless of the race,color and nationality for we are all equal before God and created by the same one God and should not give excuses when we are called by God to serve his purpose.

When God calls; he encourages,he empowers you , he prepare what you need, for God gives his servants the right tools to execute his job, for God has a very good reason for given each challenge and knows our capability to handle such a call , regardless of our self observed deficiency. Moses has his self observed deficiency but God empowered him with the right tools to execute his job and he went on to become successful and one of the greatest Leaders of our time.

NB: “Is God calling you ” and in what capacity of life are you called?


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Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.


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