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Work professionally

-Gain all you can -Save all you can -Give all you can When you work hard , the end result is to make money , gain all you can means using every opportunity that will benefit you, for when you have money , you can be able to save at the same time be able … Continue reading

Who is your (Big) Boss?

What is wrong with our church? Is it because we don’t put God as our Big Boss and priority. Some time in life we loose but your faith in God who is at the center of your life , makes you less worry as he is your Big boss will replenish your loss. If we … Continue reading

Manage the family well

The Christians family do pretend not to have problem why in actual case their is a lot of family problem in our Christian home. A good family is not instant noodles , we have to build on it and have time for each other by participating in all family activities and devotion. Explaining about family … Continue reading

Bring the children to Christ ( Mathew19:13-15)

Many times I see my kids fight the next moment the are laughing , this witness makes me to realize that the kids anger doesn’t last for long. Some times we forget that our situation is different from the children situation as when we as the guardian tend to be upset when we witness such … Continue reading

Life in The Resurrection Stage

The Pharisee believe in the resurrection while the Sadducees don’t. In (Mathew 22:23-32) explains about the literary meaning of leverage marriage as been practiced in the customary life of both the Pharisee and Sadducees. Jesus respond further by informing that the Sadducees ignore the spiritual interpretation of the scriptures. Jesus declared that the resurrection bring … Continue reading