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Life in The Resurrection Stage

The Pharisee believe in the resurrection while the Sadducees don’t. In (Mathew 22:23-32) explains about the literary meaning of leverage marriage as been practiced in the customary life of both the Pharisee and Sadducees.

Jesus respond further by informing that the Sadducees ignore the spiritual interpretation of the scriptures.

Jesus declared that the resurrection bring more of not the continuos life on earth but a new life in the Kingdom of God.

For all flesh is not the same; as animals and birds and man body varies the same with the heavenly and earthly body varies.

On the resurrection people will never marry on been given out for marriage for their will not be need to bring children to the world.

There will not be a place for the institution of marriage in the new order; as the marriage institution will be transformed as part of the new order as their will be no death no sin no crime no hate for all will be equal and loved as one body.

For the woman who has been leverage to marry seven husband will be free to exhibit love in equality to all of them.

The Agape love which has gain momentum in marriage will fully be expressed to all.

On that day, such freedom and intimacy will be more of a concept in our daily life . (1Corinthians.13)

We will be reminded of our new relationship; which we are now the children of God equal and loved as one family.

This is a sign of a joyful life for those who believe and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior.


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