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Bring the children to Christ ( Mathew19:13-15)

Many times I see my kids fight the next moment the are laughing , this witness makes me to realize that the kids anger doesn’t last for long.

Some times we forget that our situation is different from the children situation as when we as the guardian tend to be upset when we witness such a scenario.

Some parents use other kids as a yardstick to measure how good or bad their kids are , this is a bad influence on the kids as his understanding of the situation differs.

For Jesus used the children as an example to the adult ( for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such children )
For some guardians are a barrier for their children upbringing by using their job,tiredness or one excuse to delay or stop the children from coming to Sunday school or attending children event that can help to motivate the children to be better kids.

Deuteronomy 6:4-9: love your God with all your heart, for the home is the center for cultivating truth. Impress and Teach them diligently on the way of God in their life.

A variety of methods is given to help parents saturate their children with these important commandments.
To experience them
Talk about them
Exhibit them
Write them
And most importantly , model them.

6 rules for teaching children the priority of the savior;
By Susannah Wesley:
1. Subdue self will in a child
2. Teach him to pray as soon as he can speak
3.Give him nothing he cried for but only what is good for him when he ask politely
4 punish no fault confessed but let no sinful act to go unnoticed
5. Regard good behaviors

” let the little children come to me and do not be a barrier to them”.

Bring the children to Christ for the parents are a model to their children and children do keep your fathers command and do not forsake your mothers teaching.


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