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Manage the family well

The Christians family do pretend not to have problem why in actual case their is a lot of family problem in our Christian home.

A good family is not instant noodles , we have to build on it and have time for each other by participating in all family activities and devotion.

Explaining about family in one word,some will say words like; unique,busy,loving,cool,cheerful,waiting,rule,noisy,fellowship and friendship,warm,blessed.

There are different categories:
Stormy sea

Marriage is like swimming , a young girl wanted to swim but she don’t want people to know that she don’t know how to swim , so she bought all the book about swimming and read all and did illusional practice and then went to swim but looking at the water she lost her confident, reason is that swimming is about feeling and you have to learn to swim with water and not by reading, this concept is always applied in relationship and marriage.

Marriage is three angle; God, Nan and Woman, for God is the initiator of marriage and must be the binding together of Man and Woman , for God created man to make him happy.

A perfect Christian family has three commitment;
Commitment to God
Commitment to each other
Commitment to marriage.
As some of the reason marriage fail is lack of the three commitment.

For there is no life that is so smooth it all depend on the personality and he understands the challenges.if you want to be happy you will be and if you want your marriage to be smooth it will be, it all depend on you.

Great Challenges;
Some of the great challenges involves the man domination and abuse of the better half, lacking respect to her, abusiveness, control freak ness, so much rules and condition , that always cage the woman to loose self confidence. Above all this challenges we still have to be responsible , above all this we have to stay focus and complain less, above all this we have to be summitsive , above all this we must keep smiling to God, who is the author of the marriage .
No matter all this great challenges never tell your children bad things about your spouse as that will cause a negative memory that will influence the kids in life and bring a distasteful spirit. As the kids are very sensitive.

Unconditional commitment to a spouse include;
Manage each other’s expectation in a biblical and constructive manner. How can you tell your children,spouse,family members for your lack of commitment in worshipping God. For many churches lacks commitment in members and members who complain more when called do participate in church service..
What if we put a microphone in each of our heart and listen to each other complain , how embarrassed we will all be in listening to our complains. For devotion to God is a way of rendering service that will please God to meet our heart desires. For every one should share in devotion as it endures us closer to God , when a family have devotion every day you will experience a change for when God is around we are well secure and relax in our worry.

When you read scripture you will be energized and motivated , for this act of reading the bible everyday brings us closer to God and give us insight wisdom and knowledge about the way of God, and how the word of God applies to our life, and bring back joy and happiness in our faith and security. Every time you read the same scripture you will receive a new insight.
Do you know that God has expectation from us to worship him in truth and in spirit, and to keep his principles and statues in our devotion and action.
Do you know that our children, relations and spouse has expectation from us? What is the expectation that that you foresees from your family? Can you be able to meet up to there expectation ? So time we have a reason to give for falling short of the expectation from our family by given one reason, this reason we also give to God when we fail in his expectation.

Every Relationship involves expectation;
. At home
. At church
. At work

My expectation from my church , is to be a place of spiritual Fullfilment and to aspire by my faith in God by teaching and guiding me towards the part of righteousness.
The church expectation is to be active in worship and service to God.
The commitment I will give to church
. Active in church activity and worship
. And support the church social work.

The family expectation from the church and what Family can contribute to the church;
The church is the people and the people is the family and if the family don’t commit to the church , then the building of worship will be empty,
The family has expectation from the church to unite its differences and abide and grow in the spiritual guidance of God, by teaching the family God’s principles and statues on how the family will grow and be strong together and enjoy peace and harmony at home also impacting and influencing the children on the existence of God and how God loves, care and protect them and also on how to trust and fear God and not man. When you love the church you will be amazed how much God loves.


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Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.


2 thoughts on “Manage the family well

  1. If you have any experience or responsibility of managing a family of your own, then you can be able to understand this blog and comment constructively, but if you don’t just take your comment to other blog that shares your ignorance and short sightedness.

    Posted by amuzementpark | October 19, 2014, 12:22 pm

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