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Who is your (Big) Boss?

What is wrong with our church? Is it because we don’t put God as our Big Boss and priority.

Some time in life we loose but your faith in God who is at the center of your life , makes you less worry as he is your Big boss will replenish your loss.

If we realize that everything we have belongs to God and we are entrusted to take care of it , then why should we worry about Gods wealth , for he is our Big Boss that rewards our hard work in accordance to his grace.

For we have the choice to prioritize out life, as we meet people who give different logical explanation on the reason why we cannot put God first and follow in worship. As Human misunderstand how God works , for there is time for everything , and if we do know time is not ours , then we have to learn to serve God more in our life.
” your care for others is the measure of your greatness”

The parable of the rich man who went on a journey and before he left he called his servant and gave them money , you can see how these three different individuals where able to prioritize there action . For every one is given according to his capacity, for those that are given more , more is expected and those that are given less , less is expected.

We should stop given excuse for not making God our priority, for we should realize that we all will die and give accountable to God for all he has entrusted us on earth, for whatever work you do with all your heart ,do it like you’re working for God and not like you’re human master.

For whatever challenge you face give glory to God when you have sinned ask God for forgiveness. Because God been our Boss knows what we do.

Remember when God is your Boss you have less stress to life. For life is a choice and the choice you make reflect who you are.

When you serve God, we either serve God in neither cold or hot, once you have God in your family and business you will know that your family will enjoy tremendous peace and happiness and prosperity in your business, for life is short and uncertain, for is like chasing the wind.


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Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.


One thought on “Who is your (Big) Boss?

  1. What is it about F.A.I.T.H? I asked myself.
    I have never had interested with religion and spiritual life when I was young. I had many traumatic experience associated with religious people. So despite the fact I have a huge cross tattoo on my upper back, which I have been carrying since I was 18, I decided to stop going to church and prayed in my heart whenever I needed. I also decided to untie myself from any kind of religion. Yet, I only believe on the existence of God and I know that He is a good guy.

    A good friend of mine, George has always been talking about faith and Christianity. Since I knew him in 2011, he re-introduced me to God and introduce me to the Holy Bible. Even though I was born and raised in Catholic family, I have been hardly reading bible or even touch the bible. It was covered by dust. I only remembered some chapter that I used to hear during the Sunday service when I was still children. Yes, George brought back my spiritual life which has been long gone. He came in the right time when I needed some kind of help.

    So since then, I found bible very interesting. I enjoyed reading the bible. I found bible as the book of wisdom. There are many events of life written in the bible. Hence it also offers the guidance of life to live this life wisely. Honestly sometimes, I just do not understand what I read and I would keep reading it over and over again until I understand. Or, I would ask George to explain to me. Yes, indeed bible is the book of wisdom.

    Since I was reintroduced to God, I have been trying to go to church every Sunday to join the Sunday service, reading daily devotional book and bible. I must say that I kinda enjoy it. Going to church to listen the priest preaching (always expect that the priest present the topic in a fun way), to sing the gospel (always expect that the choir sing beautiful song) and to eat delicious lunch in the church canteen *lol*

    I also must say that I really really do enjoyed reading the bible even I don’t understand it sometime Why do I enjoy it? It is because I find there are many wisdom in it, be it presented explicitly or indefinitely through some parable.

    Yet, all those new Christian activity that I have been engaged to… does not mean that it makes me to be a devoted Catholic or Christian. I still have some question deep inside my heart. I would prefer to be called as the believer of God but not the follower of certain religion. Why? It is because I found that there are many religious people hypocrite. They tend to preach what bible said but they hardly implement it in their life. Interestingly enough, they would justify their action by saying that I am sinner and not a perfect Christian. Funny, isn’t it?

    Day after day that what I have seen from people around me. It made me very disappointed. I asked myself What is faith? What is it about faith that makes religious people keep talking about it? Are they insecure about their life that is why they keep talking about their faith in God? Where should we place our faith in? Why? Does faith allow us to hurt other people? Doesn’t bible show us how to love other people? Doesn’t bible also show us how to treat other human being as we want to be treated?

    Well… I should not have been surprised that religious people tend to know how to preach without implementing it in their real life. I have seen it all before done by the closest person to me to the those group of hard-liner, who have been executed their own brother and sister from the same religion. It made me sick and tired with the so-called-religious people. Yet, I have not been able to find the rest of the answer my own question.

    But last week, I did a crazy thing! I torn bible into pieces because I felt disappointed with George because he felt that he had to always hide his church’s activity and lie about. I always wonder why. I don’t hate Christian people or any religious people. I will never stop somebody to engage to their religion’s activity. I will never discourage them from engaging to their religion’s activity. So why did he feel that he had to lie about his church activity? Or perhaps, he indeed lied because he was not in the church event. Well, perhaps! All the possible answers were there.

    My head was spinning around. I was so upset for some reasons. It is the second time in life that I want to stop building my spiritual life. But this time, I really have been enjoying my new spiritual life especially I really love reading the book of wisdom. It opens my eyes about life. And honestly, I felt guilty to tear the bible because I should not have done it. It is not because I considered it as sin but it was my first bible from George. I don’t have the bible anymore.

    Everyday I thought about it and reflected it. Tried to find the answer. But I have not been able to find one. Last Tuesday, I met a friend of mine. She told me about her spiritual life journey. She shared my problem with her. She said something interesting, which got into my head.

    “There are many people read bible and completely understand it. They even preach it in a very convincing way. Yet, they rarely implement it.” she went on. “Have you ever read Psalm 118:8?” I shook my head. She then said to me “It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.” she went on. “Hence, you should place your faith in God and not in other human being,”

    Somehow I realized that I have not done that. I have been always placing my faith and trust in other human being. And now I paid the price, disappointment and regrets. Yet, I am grateful for it because it is a very valuable lesson to me. I am thanking God to remind me that I must have placed my faith in Lord, God than human being. I am also thanking God to remind me to always implement what the bible says as much as humanly possible and do not just implement what is interest me only. Thank you God!

    PS: I was trying to find the exact bible that George has given to me in 2011 but I could not find it in a number of bookstore. I finally found it in a bookstore in Jalan Proklamasi, Jakarta and it was the last copy. I guess it means something.

    Posted by Oktofani | December 14, 2014, 5:42 am

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