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Work professionally

-Gain all you can
-Save all you can
-Give all you can
When you work hard , the end result is to make money , gain all you can means using every opportunity that will benefit you, for when you have money , you can be able to save at the same time be able to give.

We have to be careful how we risk our life as is not good to make money at the expense of your health and family. As your health and family should be your priority and not de priority. As money cannot buy you the family or health . Also you have to also know your boundary principles not to cross it.
For tomorrow is a mystery yesterday is a history and today is a gift. For God has plan for everything we do, if we are honest and trustworthy in our business.

Gain all you can means working through our gift, through gathered wisdom , not like the rich fool. For nothing falls down from Heaven. For salvation was not given to us for free for Jesus Christ paid for our sin with his blood.

In sports some time we loose and sometimes we win. For you cannot be a role model by standing you have to lead by example. Don’t think you can be clever by doing nothing you have to go and get it.

Save all you can;

The new frugality is to save your money so you can have enough to spend.
How do you save your money , is not buying something you don’t need but something that you need and not something you want. Don’t live for other people to see live for yourself ”

Waste not, Want not;
. Face the facts
. Set clear priority for spending
. Do plastic surgery (CC)
. Live below income
. Break all your credit card

Give all you can;

To give is compulsory, ten percent given to God will not make you broke , what can make you broke is how you spend the ninety percent.

Work professionally

If you have the competence and commitment without character you are zero.
Competence means diligent , responsible .
Character is about responsibility

Ephesians 6:5-8 ( obedience) whatever we do we have to be responsible and trusts worthy .
Daniel 6:10) was depended on God for help ( in good or Bad times) for what ever you some people will not like.
Daniel was the eye opening to the King that was deceived by his men ( the admins,lawyers,Advisers)
The king was so Stressful and try to rescue Daniel but couldn’t (6:14)
The result is not for you to be glorified but God.
For success and power is temporary for no one can serve to masters ( Mathew 6:19-20)
To store in heaven is to give, ( he is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep but keep what he cannot loose.
Request by Alexander the great;
. His doctor to bring his body home.
. Let all his wealth be scattered
.put his hands outside the casket.
Alexander the Great was very rich but died as a poor man.

Money is only and exchange tools , do not let your money to use you, use your money to touch lives .


About amuzementpark

Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.


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