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Wake up to see the lord rescues ( Isaiah 52:1-6 ) Psalm 137.

Psalm 137:1-9 , is a reflection of the suffering,pain,deprivation of the children of Israel when the where carried into captivity to Babylon.

The excruciating pain of hopelessness , was beyond there imagination, as the are a chosen people of God , but abused such privilege as the felt that their inheritance cannot be taken away, for the felt so comfortable in been the chosen people without realizing that it was a privilege and not a right , that it was God who chose them and not them that choose God.

The promise of Rescue (Isaiah 52:1-3) for faith without action is death , the process of living in bondage and slavery made them to realize that the are not immune from catastrophe and God used this situation to educate the people that he is the Iam that Iam , the beginning and the end . And again a compassionate God.

2. His people pain is my pain too (4-5) God revealed the history of his relationship with his chosen people and felt touched and compassionate as he also realized in all this suffering and oppression his name is constantly blasphemed. For through out the period of the oppression God was with them.

3. In that day they will know me; for God has a timing for all our suffering as he watches over us and expect us to change and seek his face . (Roman10 )for every one that calls in the name of the Lord will be saved. For the Lord is our redeemer and savior from all life challenges be it illness and persecution. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood , but against the evil spirit, principalities and demonic power and spiritual bondage.

MLK ; said there are two important day of Christianity ( This day and That Day) this day of suffering and oppression and that day of Liberation and Deliverance, a day of change and fresh beginning.

For as we look forward to that day and moment that we will sing and thank God for setting us free , let us be steadfast in our believe and Faith in Jesus Christ who oversees all our suffering , depression , illness .

Remember some of our life situations are as a result of our choices and actions. For we are called to be the slave of Christ and not of this world. For he is our Creator, Redeemer And Sustainer of our life.


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Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.


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