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Change like the Weather

I have been in self solitude for awhile now, trying to figure out my life direction and how to rebuild a damaged lane , during this period i have been able to revere on a lot of life situations and relationship ,that made me to arrive on todays subject, “change like the weather”

In life change i have faced in the past , has made me to categorise this subject into two parts.

1. Situation change
2. Spiritual Change.

Situation Change: is influenced by a lot of natural circumstances that we face daily , that tend to influence our sentimental reaction to such situation. in a situation we intend to say a lot of good and bad , negative and positive, that human sensitive tend to store up in our storage , to be utilised once such similar situation arises, we also tend to forget in the process of such a situation we may have reconciled and clarified such statements and both parties has agreed to move away or move on to the future with a promise to avoid such negative circumstances, and also apply the positive lesson to rebuild the damaged fence.

When we say we trust a person and tend forward to share our moments and private informations be it positive or negative , those sweet wet moments that keeps our heart lingering and desiring and craving and wishing and hoping, shared behind the shut doors of privacy , should be respected and cherished and not abused or used to defame the other or to destroy or to embarrass or to harm, as that will be the worst betrayal and the cost and damage is irreparable and irreversible,the hatred and despise that will consume the victim , will only end up washing away what positive moment in memory that has be stored and end up emanating regret.

When Judas set out to betray Jesus Christ, he never though of the repercussion of his action and was filled with passion to accomplish his action, even before hand Jesus Christ prophesied about such a moment , all the 12 disciples where despiteful of Jesus Prophesy, as the felt attached and committed to Jesus Ministry and was willing to do anything possible to protect the Master, who has revolutionised their life and the world and was privileged and grateful to have been part of the movement, the sweared their allegiance to the Master.

Judas was part of the twelve who sweared and despised such a prophesy, but still went ahead to accomplish his evil plan to fulfil the Master’s prophesy, “This is a case of taking action and thinking later” when he later revealed his action, he went back to return the cost of his conscience in a way of redeeming his action, but the damage has been done, the betrayal has been done, the secret is public, the non guilty is now guilty , he could not face the cost of his fame , he Hung himself as the last resolution of his action. Jesus was tried, molested, totured and condemn to the cross with a nail, his blood was shed , a blood with good intention , a blood of God, a redeemer, reformer, a peaceful blood, was shed. Jesus Died and was buried but because he is the Son of God, because the father live in him, because he and the father is one, because he is i am the i am, The lion of the tribe of Judah, the Messiah and saviour of the World, he resurrected on the third day and ascended into heaven. even Thomas never believed he has risen until he touched the injured strip and nailed hands.

When i reflect about the above illustration, i can only come to my common sense that betrayal of trust has always been part of human character, no matter what religion we stand for. But does it worth it? that such moments and situations we have shared will be filled with no empathy, no reservation, we as human has become more of a gadget whose memory can be wiped out once we fill bored with the stored informations and memories.I believe that if as a Human being we can hold onto such positive moments it will help us to cherish and live in fulfilment, It will help us to hope and love again. Some times am consumed by this ugly and lack of respect to our life, why should we destroy what we love, why should we discriminate against each other, why is the skin color a factor in judging human life, why are we divided along the religion line, why do we oppress a fellow God creation, why should we betray people we love and shared moments that has influenced our life in a positive way, why do we question other human faith, why do we feel righteous why we are filled with deceit, why should we betray each other , why should we not think before we take action, why should we be Judas and Thomas, why should we doubt and not have faith, why everything we have said in such a good moment cannot restrain us.

For we are Human beings created by the same God, whether you worship God in a Traditional, Moslem, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Agonistic, Scientific, Atheist way. what matters the most is our faith in believing in the existence of God, who is a OmniPotent, omniscient, OmniPresent. I don’t believe in the imposition of religion, as i believe in the Freedom of choice, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Travelling and living in any part of the world that is created by the same God, for God is the Boss of the Earth.

We should stop changing like the weather and be human , with sentiment and feeling, Human that wants happiness, Human that love to have fun, Human that like to talk and freely express his personality as he knows well, Human that is less judgemental and doesn’t impose his or her ideology on others, Human that thinks before he or she act, Human that cherishes sweet moments of our life and preserve it in our heart, Human that loves black and white, Human that sees every Human being as been equal , Human that forgives and let go the negative. Human that is not afraid of other Human beings , Human that has a swag.

The spiritual Change, is the fear we feel when we come to seek God in our life and ask for his forgiveness, for we are all sinners before the eyes of God, for no Human being can claim righteousness except God and we are short of God. Our spiritual life is very important as it help us to be calm, to forgive and let go, to move forward, to realise, to refocus, to see life as a prophet. If we as a Human being can believe in something and fear that that we believe , which is higher, superior, powerful that us, then our heart will simmer off when we are challenged , betrayed, discriminated and hated. The spiritual change is the revolution of the heart that ushers in peace, hope, forgiveness and love. If we are not connected in spirit , believe me is like mixing oil with water, for the oil will float , we will despise and hate, we will destroy and discriminate. for is not all that call the name of God that is filled with the spirit and will see the kingdom of God.

I believe in my Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord and Personal Saviour, and is the most revered thing that i fear. For he has given me spiritual peace , when i look around me i realised that everything about life is vanity and vanity has consumed our spiritual life. For any body to feel that Money will bring him or her love and happiness is a lost soul, for such fames are temporary, and will vanish once we are dead, we live life for a moment and we should try to maximize our moment by looking for happiness. Happiness for me is a priceless gift , which is rare to find and buy. We all make mistake and hope for a chance to correct it and be better person for the moment we live. Our life interest should be centered around what makes us happy and we should learn to value such things and think before we act , as once those moments are lost, it is difficult to bring it back, and you will be left with spiritual solitude , reminiscing on how we arrived at our present situation, believe me is tormenting. but is the reality of life that we must accept.


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Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.


One thought on “Change like the Weather

  1. We both have been hurting each other in so many ways. Yet, we have influenced each other a lot. We have been ignorance and have crossed the boundaries and lines. I might have never trusted you blindly but I have always been loving you blindly as my brother, my best friend and everything. You have been always been there for me but sometimes you have not counted what I have done to you too. It hurts that we are now enemies.

    I remember one day in May 2012, you sent me text message and asked me why should we turn to be an enemy to each other? Again in September 2013, you asked me the same question, why should we turn to be an enemy instead of taking a moment to pause and reflect it. Now here we are enemy and forget about the old shit. You refused to speak to me.

    I stopped running at the jogging track from now. It is filled of our memory. One day, I run and I fell down. I cried. I heard Tupac song in my ear, life goes on. He said “Give me paper and pen to write my life of sin” so here I do…. I lay everything on the table to figure out what did you want from our relationship? Was I your mugu? Did you trap in your own games and fell in love with me? You felt guilty for what we have done? I dont know the answer.

    One thing I realized that I have placed my faith in you and not God; I have been ignorance toward what bible said because I listened to other’s people suggestion. I accepted that it is my destiny that we are no longer together even just as friends. Yet, everyday I say your name in my prayer, hoping one day we could meet up and talk to each other again. I know God would not answer my prayer immediately but I believe He would if it is according to His holy will. The worst part is even though you are gone, I have still received the terror message last Friday night.

    FYI, I reconciled with my father. He said to me that he would accept any of the decision of life that I am going to take as long as I am happy. Thanks for everything babe, you are the messenger from God. I am sorry for hurting you in so many way. I get your kids book for christmas and your perfume dolce & gabanna. If you wanna take your share from the book, I would get it on February. I put aside yours. Take care of yourself and remain blessed. Love, Fani (Shawty wanna be a gangsta)


    Posted by Oktofani | December 18, 2014, 12:48 am

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