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Understanding how to communicate with God

First Aspect: it’s content. A model prayer: . Our father ( God’s paternity ) he is close and approachable and is a privilege we have as his children. . In heaven ( Gods Dwelling) for Gods in heaven and sees and hear everything and all our action. . Hallowed be your name ( Gods person) … Continue reading


Reality is my Drug. The more I have of it, The more power I get and the higher I feel.- #50cent#Unit#2015#LetsHustle#50thLaw. Reality has its own power – you can turn your back on it, but it will find you in the end, and your inability to cope with it will be your ruin. Now is … Continue reading

The Church

The church is an institution that constitute of people who gather in the building to express our faith and joy in worshiping our Lord and savior Jesus Christ our God. The word of God will grow in our heart if we consistently read the bible, listen to the preaching and express what we have heard … Continue reading

“Watch with eager expectation” ( Luke21:25-36)

Christians believe in ascalogical hope. We know that the apocalypse will happen but is not about the end of time but also the coming of our Lord. People want things to be done faster and don’t like the process of waiting . The Advent is a process of waiting for the coming of Christ , … Continue reading

Lift up your head oh yea Gate/Psalm98

From the rising of the sun to the going down of the sun the name of the Lord will be praised . Out of the mouth of the sucking the Lord has perfected thee. But our God is in heaven he doeth as he willeth on earth. God will make you a God for every … Continue reading


Some time we forget, what makes us famous is not because we are born famous but because we associate with those who are famous by birth or by work. Famous doesn’t translate only to celebrity or super stars but also to all human endeavors that changes or influences other people’s life in a positive and … Continue reading