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Some time we forget, what makes us famous is not because we are born famous but because we associate with those who are famous by birth or by work.

Famous doesn’t translate only to celebrity or super stars but also to all human endeavors that changes or influences other people’s life in a positive and successful way, the uniqueness of this personality is comparable to a Hero.

I have impacted people’s life and when ever I see them adopt to the change, I only feel humbled because God used me in such a positive way.

Jesus Christ was able to change the way we worship and treat others, this singular action revolutionized the world in a positive way .

Nelson Mandela touched life through his action and not word, he demonstrated that black and white can co exist and forgive the past and use it as a guiding principle for the future.

Indonesia demonstrated that change is possible by voting a less popular and ordinary citizen to be the president , rejecting the experienced military connected general turn politician.

This ordinary citizen achieved this fame by associating with the first female president and head of the ruling party whose late father was also the first president of Indonesia.

Nigerian will be going through the political process of choosing between an incumbent who has a PH.D and has ruled for six years, and from the minority south south of the country, he was was the Vice President to the late president who died of liver complications after two years in power and from the North zone of the country .

The challenger who was a former army general who over threw a democratic government but has no single certificate to justify his educational qualification , who has contested three times and lost , this up coming election will be his fourth attempt.

This general is popular in the north because the northern population has 70% illiterates who can neither speak English the national language or write.

This two famous people has touched several citizens life in several different ways , last election ,The General lost ; resulted in his supporters killing over a 1000 citizen and destroying billions of properties and finally the emergency of Boko Haram Islamic terrorist.

Nigerians should vote wisely and not be intimidated by those who are specialist in failure, we cannot go back to a man who is over seventy with a military background and a coupist dictator.

Is time we continue to build on this fragile democracy with a civil person who understand the different between military and civilian, who understand the rule of law that protects the common man.

He might not be perfect but he is better that the alternative.


About amuzementpark

Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.


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