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Understanding how to communicate with God

First Aspect: it’s content.
A model prayer:

. Our father ( God’s paternity ) he is close and approachable and is a privilege we have as his children.

. In heaven ( Gods Dwelling) for Gods in heaven and sees and hear everything and all our action.

. Hallowed be your name ( Gods person) for God is known and worshipped by everybody and deserves to be glorified.

. Your kingdom come ( Gods program) reigns in all ages eternally for no government can destroy Gods program as his kingdom reigns supremely on earth.

. May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven ( God’s purpose) for God has created each every one of us for a purpose and has given each one of us a certain gift and direction and responsibility ( be what Gods want you to be and you will excel)

. Give us this day our daily bread (Gods provision) we have to look up each day as a blessing to our life. For we have to live life for the moments to work day by day for each day has enough trouble for the day.

And if we live by day to day we will curtail our over ambition and illusion and imagination and be less greedy.

Each day we should seek God and borrow his strength, his wisdom,his direction and his purpose. For we cannot live on yesterday grace that is why Jesus prayed ” give us this day for our daily prayer.

Forgive us our debts , for we also forgive everyone who sins against us ( Gods pardon ) if you forgive somebody who offended you, God will also forgive you.

And lead us not into temptation , but deliver us from the evil one ( Gods protection) when God allow the evil one to tempt us he is there to rescue and protect us , for God doesn’t tempt us but God test us and protect us when we fail into temptation.

Our persistence

.Persistence and boldness overcome our sensitiveness and vulnerability as we become more fearless and insecure also it helps us to understand and express the intensity of our need.

.Persistence in prayer help us recognize Gods work.

He links persistence with faith for when we don’t pray persistently we loose faith and when we loose Faith we become vulnerable to our life situations and challenges.

Gods Faithfulness ( Luke 11:11-13)

. Even though good father’s make mistakes they always give the best for there children .
The most important gift from our Father ( God ) is the gift of the Holy Spirit .

Three aspect of prayer:

1. It’s content ( Luke11:2-4)
2. Our persistence ( Luke11:5-10)
3. Gods faithfulness ( Luke11:11-13 )


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