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Times in our Life.

God has made everything beautiful in His Time. Ecclesiastes 3:1-15.

There are four season in a Man’s life.

Their is a time his excited about Santa clause, a time he believe in Santa Claus , a time he looks like Santa Claus , a time he become like Santa Claus.

There are fourteen contrast of life time events.

For everything there is an appointed time, and an appropriate time for every matter on earth;

1. An appropriate time to be born and an appropriate time to die.

2. Appropriate time to plant and appropriate time to pluck up what was planted. Agriculture demonstrate this ; you plant in raining season you harvest in dry season.

3. Appropriate time to kill and appropriate time to heal.

4. Appropriate time to bring down an old building appropriate time to build a new one.

5. Appropriate time to weep and appropriate time to laugh, for cry is good to release your heart burden tears clear your eyes smile makes you look happy and relax your muscles.

6. Appropriate time to morn and appropriate time to dance, for the wise is always in the house of mourning while the fool spend his time in the house of dance.

7. Appropriate time to throw away stone and appropriate time to gather stone.

8. Appropriate time to embrace and appropriate time to de embrace.

9. Appropriate time to seek and appropriate time give up ;given up the lost material things , given up the past relationship is not the end of life .

10. Appropriate time to keep and appropriate time to throw away , whatever collection we have gathered over the years , one day we will realize that we have to give up so as to create space in our closest .

Anger,bitterness , disappointment , hate ,will have to be given up to create space for happiness , joy.

11. Appropriate time to tear and appropriate time to mend.

12, appropriate tome to keep silent and appropriate time to speak.

13. Appropriate time to love and appropriate time to hate.

14, appropriate time for war and appropriate time for peace.

The preacher teaches us how to face the changeable situation . There is a time for everything as God has arranged everything for us in his time.

We have to follow Gods direction in our life. Beauty replaces the beast when life happens in Gods time.

Fear God and keep his commandments , for that is the task to every Gods’ creation , for God will bring every being to judgment .

Remember your ability forget your disability.

Remember your joy forget your sorrows.

Remember your strength forget your weakness .

Remember your appointment forget your disappointment .

Remember your gain forget your lost.

Remember your hope forget your hopeless.

Remember your purpose forget your purposeless.

Remember God and forget the evil.

Remember your good time forget your bad time.


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Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.


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