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Growing together in unity Ephesians 4:1-16.

1. To walk and live in unity : Christianity cannot function apart from unity. Ingredients of a United faith;

. Humble: when we humble ourself in service to God we are abundantly rewarded.
. Gentle; when we are called to serve we have to be gentle and calm to learn and serve.
. Patient; is very vital in over coming challenges in serving God.
. Bearing one another cannot function without unity. For all this factors come from one source.

2. To live in just grace; Christ grace enable the believers to be gracious and embrace one another.

.Gods grace is more than the water in ocean.
.Gods grace is in Jesus Christ who died to redeem and empower our life. .Gods grace is priceless, unique and beautiful.
.Gods grace is enduring and enabling.
.God will give sufficient grace when your called to serve.
.Gods grace give us wisdom.

3. To live with his Gift; The pastors office is Christ’s gift to his church to equip God’s people for works and service.
. Christians render the work of service to attain maturity.
. The pastor equip the congregation to serve through , bible study, worship, and outreach ministry.
. The leaders of the church are the gift of Gods people for the are responsible for orientation and organization of the church through seminars,preaching.
. Gods people are to do the work of service to the church to help the church grow in healthy.
. For when the Leaders of the church and the congregation are not in unity then the church will become unhealthy and cannot grow.

Some Christians believe that the work of the church is the sole responsibility of the pastor as the are paid to serve, that is a very negative notion as every individual is called to service in Gods church and will be accountable to his/her service to Gods service.

4. To live together in maturity: God’s people will have sound doctrine, will be able to communicate the truth with love , will be self sufficient, will do each part.

. When we equip church people the are mannered and self constrain.
. When we equip church people, the behave maturely and tolerant.
. When a church is healthy, members become self sufficient and responsible.
. When we fail to do our part in service to the church the growth of the church is hampered.


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