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Our God calls out with compassion.( Jonah 3:1-10)

God has a special purpose in our life , for he created us specially in his own image, he further assured us of his commitment by sending Jesus Christ to redeem us from sin by crucified on the cross.

The expectation from God to each of us is to be steadfast in our faith in his word and to worship him daily with a heart felt praise, to honor his commandment and walk in the parts of righteousness by loving our neighbors and helping the needy.

The challenge we face in fulfilling Gods expectation is tremendous, some of the factors emanate from our doubting heart that questions such call, our stubbornness, our ignorance, our physical challenge, our financial disability , our prosperity and many more.

We have to realize that God has the power to life and death to physicality and spirituality, to dominate over our life. The Lord is merciful and compassionate he loves us so much will always give us the space to make up our mind.

If God can be patient with us because of his love and grace why then do we human race hate and destroy each other.

For God did not create us to destroy us but give us life and more abundantly, why the devil is the opposite of Gods wish.

Problems is not a problem rather problem is a wake up call. The devil is a problem in our life that help us to wakeup to the reality of our life and realize Howfar we have gone astray and to realize that God’s love us and will welcome us with joy if we repent and seek his face and let him in our heart and life.

We should not waste the grace of God by wallowing in our problem when God is calling us back, we should not harden our heart .

(Philipians1vs6) for the Lord will finish what he has started. When ever we have fallen away from God or wallowing in problems the Lord is always there to rescue us for his love for endures forever.

(Isaiah.43:7) for the purpose of our creation is to praise and worship the Lord. And if we fulfill this obligation the lord will bless , shield and guide our life in all challenges we face. For he will never leave us or forsake us in all life situation, for he is a caring and loving God.

We should stop hurting God with our action.

We must examine our heart by knowing our faith statue.
We should have a devotional attitude in every moment of our life to be strongly connected with God by reading our bible,singing praises and been prayerful.

We have to maintain our calling by our action and doing things for the glory of God , been always abounding in the work of the lord, presenting our body as a living sacrifice holy acceptable to the Lord.. This is the time of serious service to the Lord.


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Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.


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