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Continuity and Change

Nigerians has voted in the opposition for the first time in History an incumbent failed to regain his position.  The factors of Continuity and Change didn’t win this election to the opposition. The factors of Ethnicity and Religion Won this election.  The platform of level play field Is the main backbone of of this transformation … Continue reading

Leaves or Fruits.

“Leaves or Fruits” (Mark 11:11-22) Jesus arrival in Jerusalem herald the inspection of the temple to survey the situation in detail to each activity. His discovery of illegal activity propel him to take an instant action , by evicting the traders out of the temple.  The reference to the fig tree is in sandwich to the … Continue reading

When Something Unusual Happens.

When something unusual happen: . First, Jesus never wanted to be popular. . Secondly, the coming to Jerusalem by Jesus shows us his courage , knowing the danger of betrayal and castigation that awaits him in the city from T the chief priest, the Roman Empire and the teachers of the Law.  Jesus action showed … Continue reading


The revelation of Gods glory in life of people often ended like a fireworks show.  the manifestation of God’s glory should have significant impact on the life of people who experience it. Jesus purpose of going to the Mountains is to seek Gods face and direction in his ministry. On the mountain of the transfiguration … Continue reading