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Leaves or Fruits.

“Leaves or Fruits” (Mark 11:11-22)

Jesus arrival in Jerusalem herald the inspection of the temple to survey the situation in detail to each activity. His discovery of illegal activity propel him to take an instant action , by evicting the traders out of the temple.

 The reference to the fig tree is in sandwich to the reference to temple, as Jesus showed his disappointment on the Fig tree looking green but bears no fruit and the temple well build by King  Solomon for the purpose of worship but rather been used for trading.  the temple and the fig tree where deceptive in look. 

 His expression of disappointment to the fig tree is similar to his action to the temple, for he caused the Fig tree and cleansed the temple.

The reason why Jesus caused the fig tree with so much green leaves is because, the fig tree was deceptive to his eyesight, the over grown green fig tree usually , is suppose to have a fig but was unproductive  and the temple been a holy place of worship was in disarray and turned into market place.


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