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When Something Unusual Happens.

When something unusual happen:

. First, Jesus never wanted to be popular.

. Secondly, the coming to Jerusalem by Jesus shows us his courage , knowing the danger of betrayal and castigation that awaits him in the city from
T the chief priest, the Roman Empire and the teachers of the Law. 

Jesus action showed clearly of his confidence and bravely.

. Thirdly, the coming into Jerusalem , Jesus rode on a donkey. The donkey symbolizes , peace, gentleness,obedient,patient and perseverance. It means Jesus is the true messiah, to those who knows him

As the crowd cheered “Hosanna here comes the king” because the know who Jesus was , having followed his ministry and has been waiting for this moment of triumphant entry to Jerusalem. 

 If we need peace in our life , come to Jesus and receive him in your life , let him be the author and your confident in all tribulation and he will give you rest.

1. All things, property,skills,position power ,actually belongs to God.
2. The lord wants the best from us.
 Jesus is our King.
He is our Lord who possesses all of us.
He give us peace in our life.


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