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what is the purpose of church?”(1peter,2:1-10)

“What is the purpose of the church?”(1Peter2:1-10)

Why do we have to come to church? Why should we wake early to church? Why should we not stay at home and read the bible and worship?

For many ,the purpose of the church is to worship and fellowship. 

The church is not the building but the people who gather in the building.

 Some people who come to church consider church as the building why we harbor  malice,hate, discrimination, and competition.

The antagonist among Christians go beyond individual to churches that compete, discredit,and hate or fight for supremacy but at the same time worshipping the same God and reading from same holy book .

 The different interpretations of churches are influenced by the people, based on ethnicity or race orientation, social influence, money influence , and language and culture interpretation.

 Vs5: you are like a Living stone being built into a spiritual house; if we build our church as the corner stone of Jesus Christ, we will see the spiritual influence in our attitude towards one another.

A church is a spiritual temple of God; but we made it not as the spiritual but our building that we influence with our ideology of our life.

If we put Jesus as the center of our church we will see the church grow , for we are a chosen generation a royal priesthood , a holy nation, Gods special possession, that you may declare the praise of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.(vs9)

 Have you though how Jesus spend his night at Gethsamame; Jesus could not stand any more of the pain and suffering, he called on God “why have you forsaken me “, he also summited his faith to the will of God even in the worst state of mind and physical torture. 

” Peter continue to encourage us to be different no matter what we go through, for we are the royal priesthood of God the chosen generation.

In the old time the King and priest are two different people and play different role in Gods temple. Today the two titles has been united as one for we all are priest and entitled to God’s Kingdom.

Today we have received this mercy because of the Love God has for us.

 The purpose of the church is to proclaim the Gospel and is a mandatory responsibility of all the royal priesthood for Jesus is the center of our Church.

A lot of us forget the purpose of the church and concern more on how we can make our worship good for people to come and how to beautify the church in subject to an aura that will be admired by the people and for this we forget the center of such worship and the center of such beautification. 

The king that build the Taj Mahal initial intention was to immortalize the death of his wife, he decides to build a castle in the land he buried his wife, but when the building was completed and he saw the aura and beauty of the castle, on his inspection he struck a box that was dusty with his foot , it infuriates him and he ordered the box be thrown away as it contributed dirt, not knowing the box was the coffin of his late wife he loved and cherished and was building the castle for. 

Many time we forget the true purpose of the church and got carried away by the music and decorations of the church and forget the reason we have gathered in the church.

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Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.


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